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5 Steps to Setup GPS Insight Without a Sweat

Introduce GPS tracking to employees

Introduce GPS

install GPS tracking devices

Install devices

review GPS tracking goals

Review goals

gps product training

Product training

measure gps tracking success

Measure success

You’ve done all the research, built the business case, tested the technology on your vehicles and equipment, and decided to integrate GPS Insight into your operations.

The question on your mind now is, “once I sign up, what happens next?”

It is a common concern that once you pull the trigger and decide to implement a GPS tracking solution that you will receive a username and password, a thank you, and then you will be left to your own devices. We won’t sugar coat it. It takes planning and attention to detail to make sure a telematics deployment is done right. However, when you choose a consultative partner, they will help you every step of the way to make sure this process is as seamless as possible. A telematics deployment can be intimidating for a fleet of any size, so to ease your worries, and because we care about your success, here are the five steps to set up GPS Insight without breaking a sweat:

1. Introducing GPS Tracking to Employees

introducing gps to employees
When you implement GPS Insight, introducing the technology to employees may not strike you as synonymous with a setup. Although this doesn’t fall under setting up the software itself, introducing the technology to employees in the right way is just as important.

Implementing telematics can be a pain in the assimilation of employees. That is why it’s important to bring them into the conversation early to address their concerns, like the “Big Brother” theory or that it’s an invasion of privacy, from the start.

Here are four tips to successfully introduce telematics to your employees:

Make them a part of the conversation

Explain how it will protect them with increased safety

Explain why you decided to get GPS tracking software

Show how it will benefit them through efficiency improvements

2. Installing GPS Tracking Devices

installing gps device
One of the most (if not the most) crucial steps in implementing GPS Insight is installing the units.

Ensuring that the installation is done correctly is vital to avoiding headaches down the road like non-functioning devices, which could potentially show inaccurate data. Inaccurate data could cause you to lose trust in the system. The question then becomes, do you install them yourself (or your staff), or have professional installers do them for you? There are pros and cons to both.

installing gps device

3. Review Your Goals with Your Dedicated Account Manager

review gps tracking goals
Now that you have your devices installed, and you are getting data, it’s important to review your goals with your Account Manager.
If you have not brought in all of your key stakeholders who will be affected by the new system, now is a critical time do so. Gather all the relevant objectives each department wants to achieve using telematics and meet with your dedicated Account Manager to go over them and how GPS Insight will help. Your Account Manager is your partner who is invested in your success with the system.  He or she will help you get the most out of this technology by collaborating with you to maximize your ROI, making your goals a reality.

4. Get Trained & Start Tracking

gps insight training
Data will start flowing to you through the software once the devices are installed, so it’s important in this next step to learn your new software.

The implementation of any new software can cause anxiety, but setting up the system in the right way will help you relax by automating most of it and showing only the important data that you care about.

Your dedicated Account Manager will help coordinate online training with you, and any other user who will need to understand the software as well. Utilizing resources such as your Account Manager, and our online Help Center that provides tutorials, training courses, video references and guides is important in helping you be successful.

gps insight training

5. Make improvements & Achieve ROI

measure success with gps insight
So far you have brought your employees up to speed, installed the devices, laid out your objectives with GPS Insight, and received training.

Now it’s time to start making improvements and achieve that ROI you’ve heard so much about.

Staying in communication with your Account Manager and leaning on their expertise will help in your endeavor. GPS Insight Account Managers will provide quarterly Performance Reviews to help you keep benchmarks of the data, and show how you are becoming more efficient in the areas that you care about. They can also consult you in developing driver policies that will help you be proactive and deter behavior that you are trying to curb.


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