AVL Solves Unique Business Challenges for Utilities Fleets

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology is no longer in the “nice to have” category of needs and wants for companies in the utilities industry; it is a necessary tool for business intelligence. Advanced AVL systems are being adopted by utilities fleets to deploy resources more efficiently, increase safety on the job, reduce fuel costs, and more.

This white paper will cover the benefits and ways in which an AVL solution can improve utilities fleet management by addressing unique business challenges.

Included in the White Paper:

  • Verify driver safety during a long stop
  • Identify first responders
  • Notify dispatch of emergencies with a panic button
  • Alert drivers of hazardous locations
  • Integrate software platforms to streamlined info
  • Monitor PTOs
  • Monitor true idle time
  • Respond quickly during outages
AVL for Utilities Fleets

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