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Efficiency, Accountability and Safety

for Government Fleets

Sourcewell Awarded Contract 020221-GPI

Do you want to save months of your time and get the most value from your next telematics solution?

Use Sourcewell Contract #020221-GPI to put the power of GPS Insight to work for your public fleet! Qualified government agencies can take advantage of no-RFP acquisition options.

All across the country, agencies from the town to state-level use GPS Insight to gain complete visibility into their fleets.


Efficiently Maintaining Taxpayer Resources


Building an Effective Fleet Safety Program


Complying with Carbon Footprint Regulations

Efficiently Maintaining
Taxpayer Resources

Taxpayers love accountability from government agencies. Our solutions help your assets go further and provide key information for future procurement.

Advanced Maintenance Tracking and Scheduling

You don’t have an unlimited budget, and you know you’d benefit from additional insight into your vehicle and equipment usage to help you get more out of your resources.

Our GPS Tracking solution can make it easy to ensure that your mobile resources get the maintenance they need, when they need it, to avoid costly, time-consuming breakdowns and down time.

  • Ensure DOT compliance with Driver Vehicle Inspection (DVIR) reporting. Keep your fleet in top condition, improve communication and reduce maintenance and downtime costs associated with manual processes.
  • Schedule preventative maintenance ahead of time and track it all electronically.
  • Ensure your maintenance team is aware when a vehicle’s check engine light (diagnostic trouble codes) turns on and what the issue is to determine if/when the vehicle needs to be brought in.
  • Push odometer readings and diagnostic trouble codes from the GPS device into your existing maintenance software to ensure proactive and reactive maintenance is scheduled automatically.

Our GPS Tracking solution can also provide data about vehicle and heavy equipment usage to help you with resource allocation/right sizing/procurement.

Fleet Utilization Metrics
Citizen Compliant Twitter

Keeping on Task

Thanks to smartphones and social media, it’s never been easier for constituents to complain about government fleet workers. GPS Tracking lets you stand up for employees with fact-based location and speed data.

Building an Effective
Fleet Safety Program

Ensuring vehicles are safe to operate, reducing accident costs, and protecting expensive assets are critical to safe fleet operations.
Where to start? GPS Insight defines three distinct levels of safety:
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Complying with Carbon
Footprint Regulations

GPS Insight solutions can help you comply with regulations that aim to reduce greenhouse gases by targeting behaviors that increase emissions and fuel use.

Setting Actionable Alerts

You’ll be able to see which vehicles are idling excessively, speeding, or taking inefficient routes to job sites. Our GPS tracking solution can allow fleet managers to set parameters for these behaviors.

For speeding, you can set thresholds such as posted speed limit and maximum speed. For example, you can set the system to send an alert when a driver exceeds the posted speed limit, 5 mph above it, or any other parameter you choose. You can also set a maximum such as 75 mph.

These alerts can be the start of a fact-based conversation with drivers about habits that use too much fuel.

You can also address idling by setting thresholds. You can establish time limits for vehicle idling and receive a notification when a vehicle exceeds the parameter.

We know that some vehicles idle while still getting the job done – but our system can also distinguish between true idle and working idle to give you insights that reduce your emissions. That can mean more effective compliance with new regulations – and a better shot at more funds from incentive programs.

Idling Alerts
GPS tracking for alternative vehicles

Tracking Alternative-fuel Vehicles

GPS Insight offers accurate tracking data for alternative-fuel vehicles.

Our solution can distinguish between an alternative-fuel vehicle stopped at a red light and one with its ignition truly off. These ignition status insights ensure that you know what’s really happening with hybrid, natural gas, hydrogen, or battery-electric vehicles.

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