GPS Insight Standard is designed for small fleets (1-25 vehicles) that are looking for simple and cost effective GPS tracking

GPS Insight Standard Solution for Small Fleets
GPS Insight Standard Solution for Small Fleets

Real-time Fleet Visibility

Access your fleet’s real-time and historical activity at all times from any desktop or mobile device.

Eliminate Time Consuming Paperwork

Automate electronic reporting through an intuitive and customizable portal.

Reduce Fuel, Labor, & Other Costs

Control idling, speeding, unauthorized usage, actual hours worked vs. hours claimed, and stay on top of maintenance.

Enhance Customer Service

Improve response times, give better ETAs, service more customers, and prove job completion.

Increase Overall Productivity

Make your drivers and office staff more efficient to maximize output and ultimately increase revenue.

Ensure Quick Theft Recovery

Know when vehicles or assets are being stolen and recover them quickly.

Award-winning Solution:

Inc 5000
Technology Award for GPS Tracking
People's Choice Stevie Award for Customer Service
GPS Insight Standard

GPS Insight Tracking Devices


Different Tracking Device Options:

  • Light Duty Vehicles
  • Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Powered Equipment & Other Assets
  • Non Powered Equipment & Other Assets
GPSI-4000 Tracking Device

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