Smart Cameras


Future-Forward Technology.

Driveri is built on powerful Artificial Intelligence, industry-leading computer vision, and edge computing. This allows the system to rapidly see everything on the road and determine what’s good and bad on the device itself, rather than the cloud, eliminating lag time between occurrence and alerting.

Driveri also looks out for managers with easy-to-read admin dashboards that help you chart a course to unprecedented fleet safety. You’ll be able to compare performance over time and ensure that you stay ahead of any emerging issues!

Driveri Edge Computing


What the AI Detects.

Driveri Event Types Infographic


Edge Computing Saves Time and Effort.

The edge computing that powers Driveri eliminates the need to send video through a cell network for human or computer review. Everything happens right on the camera.

Driveri has the power to make decisions within milliseconds then report only the most meaningful information through the cell network. That’s less time reviewing videos and more time for you to see the big picture.

Driveri Machine Learning

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