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Comprehensive Safety.

The typical dash cam is great at providing evidence after a crash. But how much better is it to prevent accidents?

Driveri sets itself apart by giving you visibility that you can turn into initiatives that prevent crashes. Its ability to detect both risky and safe driving habits and its proprietary Greenzone scoring system make it a far more powerful tool than competing systems.

How Scoring Works
Driveri GreenZone Infographic


From Visibility to Scoring.

The Greenzone scoring takes all the actions noticed by the AI system and collates them into a driver score with a maximum of 1,000 points.

It deducts for risky behavior – but it awards a bonus for safe actions. These “DriverStars” give credit to drivers for several behaviors, including:


Creating space for a vehicle on the shoulder


Creating separation by slowing down


Stop sign streak (75 stops in a row)

Managers can also initiate a DriverStar if they evaluate an alert and decide that the driver took the best action to avoid an incident.
The Greenzone score provides a benchmark for improvement. Management can chart individual and fleetwide changes in Greenzone average scores, which show what’s working well for employees and vehicles. It also eliminates the need to watch hours of video footage to evaluate employees’ driving habits.

Greenzone scoring also provides a transparent view for employees to see how they stand among their peers, areas where they are improving, and behaviors still to be worked on.

Driveri Scoring

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