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Automated Coaching.

“Driver coaching” sounds like a big effort, right? Some fleet managers have visions of watching hours of videos into the wee hours to see what’s happening in their vehicles.

Driveri frees you from that by automatically evaluating every moment on the road and calculating scores at the individual and fleet levels.

Some fleet managers have a hands-on approach and might have a friendly word to the wise if they see repeated unsafe habits they need to address. But most opt to let the system handle most coaching tasks.

Driveri Manager App - Coaching
Driveri App Sessions


Virtual Coaching Sessions Guide Improvement.

Driveri identifies trends in employee habits and automatically assigns them coaching sessions including 1-4 videos for review via the driver app. It bases the selection on customizable criteria and the types of events that you want to correct. Employees get all the feedback they need to take the guesswork out of improving.

The recommendations from virtual coaching help them take control of their driver scores.

Make note of the driving habits that cost you points, avoid repeating them, and then watch your score improve!


In-Cab Alerting Provides Real-Time Help.

Drivers also get real-time coaching in the cab: If it detects unsafe behaviors like tailgating, speeding, or driving distracted, it provides a friendly audible reminder.

If drivers correct themselves in time, Driveri won’t register a violation. That means no score deduction or notification to a supervisor.

Driveri Audible Alert
Driveri App Feedback


App Provides Transparent and Fair Ranking.

Drivers can see their Greenzone scores, including where they rank among co-workers. They can also contest or comment on videos that need their experienced perspective.

The app also tracks whether they’ve evaluated the videos the system recommends for their review.

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