GPS Insight Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solutions give you complete fleet visibility to make informed dispatching decisions.

Your Challenge

You are responsible for dispatching your fleet and you currently spend too much time tracking down where your drivers are and make too many phone calls to get updates on location and job status. You are searching for a more efficient way to effectively run your dispatch department.

The Solution

The GPS Insight Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solutions will provide you with real-time visibility into your fleet’s location and status, simple dispatching functionality, and more efficient communication methods to get the job done quickly and accurately.

Vehicles Tracked

plumbing medic gps tracking for dispatch managers

Plumbing Medic’s dispatch manager averaged 150 calls a day and now she has virtually none because most of the communication can be done through GPS Insight.


“The software makes dispatching simple. It eliminates errors and time on the phone calling techs.”

Tammy G., Dispatch Manager, Plumbing Medic

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Quick response to customer emergencies
  • Give accurate estimated time of arrivals
  • Serve more customers per day
  • Confirm job completion

Increase Operational Effectiveness

  • Optimize dispatching and routing
  • Eliminate phone calls
  • Increase driver accountability
  • Improve productivity
  • Monitor time on site

User-Friendly Software to Make Your Life Easier

  • Designed to be simple, yet very effective
  • Customizable dashboard interface with dispatching tools
  • Receive unlimited coaching from your Account Manager
Top 5 GPS Tracking Features to Guarantee the Most Efficient Fleet

Top 5 GPS Tracking Features to Guarantee
the Most Efficient Fleet

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Vehicles Tracked

abm gps tracking for dispatch managers

The GPS Insight Dashboard Interface makes a dispatcher’s life much easier by providing all of the custom options that each dispatcher needs.


“The dashboard was a night and day difference from what the old company had…It was exactly what we wanted, we were happy to switch over!”

Kim K, Dispatcher, ABM Building Services

gps insight demo

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