Construction GPS Tracking

GPS Insight Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solutions will change the way you manage your trucks and equipment forever.

Your Challenge

Your business depends on the reliability and efficiency of your drivers, crews, and equipment and you suspect there are inefficiencies and higher than necessary operating costs. You are looking for a tool that will give you insight and answer the unknowns about your mobile operations to ensure you are leading the way competitively.

The Solution

You’ve come to the right place. GPS Insight takes the manual processes and guesswork out of fleet management for you. GPS Insight gives you the visibility you need to run your construction fleet as efficiently as possible while reducing costs, reducing risk, and increasing revenue.

Vehicles Tracked

gps tracking for construction equipment

After comparing GPS fleet tracking companies, NuBilt decided that GPS Insight was the solution needed to accomplish their goals and more.


“The cost of fuel was a problem. With GPS Insight, we now save $4,500 a year because of less idling, speeding, and more efficient routing. As long as you utilize the system it will be a great tool for any company.”

Stephen V., IT Administrator, NuBilt Restoration & Construction

Reduce Fuel Costs

  • Limit speeding, idling, and unauthorized usage
  • Optimize routes and reduce run-time
  • Verify fuel card expenses

Improve Billing Accuracy

  • Use GPS tracking data to determine time-on-site/number of visits
  • Provide proof of job completion

Recover Stolen Assets Faster

  • Know when vehicles/assets move when or where they shouldn’t
  • Use real-time location information to notify authorities
Construction Fleet Tracking

Dispatch Your Resources More Efficiently

  • See all vehicles and assets in real-time/provide accurate ETAs
  • Determine who’s closest to next job
  • Send routes to drivers over the air

Proactively Extend Vehicle & Asset Lifecycles

  • Maintenance scheduling made easy
  • Never overlook service for any vehicle or asset
  • Receive remote diagnostics
  • Simplify maintenance cost tracking

Monitor Hours of Service to be FMCSA Compliant

  • Real-time data on driver availability and location
  • Roadside inspections are quicker and less stressful
  • Fines for common violations are virtually eliminated
  • Cost of paper forms is eliminated



Vehicles Tracked

whitton enterprise fleet management case study

Whitton Companies uses GPS Insight data to correct payroll discrepancies. They save at least $100,000 per year in labor costs.


“I would say that GPS tracking is well worth the investment and to just do it. The savings from payroll alone will pay for your initial investment in a short period of time.”

Matt N., Director of IT, Whitton Companies

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