Benefits of E-Logs for Truck Drivers & Management

Benefits of E-Logs For Truck Drivers

ELDs/E-Logs are easy to use

The ELD has a simple and forced work flow to ensure no steps are skipped.

Simple navigation from job to job

Dispatch sends each job to the ELD for turn-by-turn directions.

Always know available drive time

Drivers can see their hours on the ELD, even when locked.

Proof of HOS compliance

E-Logs are kept on the ELD to show DOT officers.

Quicker roadside inspections

Time spent on the side of the road dramatically decreases.

Send messages to office

Rather than call dispatch, drivers can send quick messages from the ELD.

Fewer calls from dispatch

Home base knows where drivers are and their status.

Faster roadside assistance

In the event of a breakdown, dispatch already knows your exact location to ensure you get help.

Benefits of E-Logs For Fleet Managers & Dispatchers

Powerful fleet intelligence

Gain insight into all aspects of their fleet operations.


Reduce time auditing log books

The software identifies discrepancies and errors so you don’t have to sift through all the data.


Ensure DVIRs are completed

The forced workflow makes sure DVIRs are not overlooked.


Send messages to drivers

Dispatchers no longer have to pick up the phone to communicate with drivers.


Eliminate errors due to paper logs

Go paperless for more organized and legible E-Logs.

Improve driver and public safety

Be confident that drivers are no longer fatigued on the roads.

Improve driver productivity

With faster roadside inspections and no more paperwork, drivers are more.

Dispatch directions for each job

Easily send routes to drivers, right to their ELD.

Other Notable Benefits For Your Business

ELD tablet

Ruggedized tablet made for CMVs

ELD is reliable to withstand harsh environments.

Better connectivity than bluetooth

ELD always connected to GPS device to ensure compliance.

ELD data

No additional data plans needed

ELD has built in plans so you don’t have to worry about them.

broken ELD tablet

No lost or damaged devices

The device is not removed from the vehicle.

Engage your fleet with GPS Insight.

Engage your fleet with GPS Insight.