GPS Tracking Alerts


Keeping a Pulse on Your Fleet.

Sometimes, you need to know what’s happening with your vehicles – right now. That’s where alerts come in.

You can identify the behaviors that matter, set thresholds, and get alerts to help you eliminate problems before they get worse. Alerts can also inform you when drivers get the job done, just to keep you informed of their progress.

GPS Tracking Alerts


Head off issues at the pass.

Knowing that your employees are getting the job done is great for any manager’s piece of mind. Set alerts that let you know they’ve arrived at a job site or even when they start their vehicles up to get ready for the next job.

GPS Tracking Alerts Idle Time
You can also set alerts that can indicate a problem – idle time and odd-hours alerts are important assets for making sure that employees use vehicles the way you expect.
GPS Tracking DTC Alert


Address vehicle health issues as they arise.

Getting ahead of potential maintenance issues can save time and money. Setting up service reminder alerts can ensure that your vehicles get scheduled maintenance that keeps them on the road. Diagnostic and DTC alerts identify emerging issues so you can get them handled before they get worse.

If you want to know when your vehicles are using plows, light bars, seatbelts, or other equipment, input alerts can provide that information. This is a great way to confirm that vehicles are getting the job done or conforming to your policies.


Stay on top of safety violations in the moment.

With our safety alerts, you can target problematic driving to reduce accidents, prevent vehicle wear and tear, use less fuel, and find out who’s violating your driving policies.

Get instant notifications of behavior like speeding (including posted speed limits and maximum speeds), harsh acceleration, and hard braking. Set your thresholds and the system will notify you in real time.

GPS Tracking Alerts - Speeding Text Message

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