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GPS Tracking Devices for Vehicles & Assets

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Vehicle Tracking Devices

We have an array of GPS tracking devices for vehicles such as pickup trucks, box trucks, and heavy duty trucks.

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Asset Tracking Devices

We have rugged GPS trackers for assets such as trailers or other portable equipment.

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Integrated Devices

Connect devices such as Garmin PNDs or ELDs (E-logs) to our GPS tracking devices for more data.

GPS Tracking Devices for Vehicles

Track light duty vehicles such as sedans, pickup trucks, and sprinter vans. Track medium duty vehicles such as delivery trucks, ambulances, and small buses. Track heavy duty vehicles such as tractor trailers, transit buses, and refuse trucks.

How GPS trackers help your business:

  • Reduce Fuel & Labor Costs
  • Improve Driver & Public Safety
  • Deploy Your Crews More Efficiently
  • Maintain Your Vehicles More Reliably
  • Ensure FMCSA Mandate Compliance
  • Make Your Customers Happy
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GPS tracker for trailers

GPS Trackers for Assets

Track powered (or “powered” or “motorized”) assets that include and are not limited to yellow iron, trailers, generators, skidsteers, and chippers. Track non-powered (or “unpowered” or “non-motorized”) assets that include and are not limited to trailers, storage containers, and dumpsters.

How GPS trackers help your business:

  • Real-Time Location Information
  • Engine Hours/Run Time
  • Check if the Asset is Moving/Not Moving

Vehicles Tracked


icon-quote-left2You have many options of hardware to sign up for. They were all affordable but we ended up getting the plug and play and it was very easy and user friendly to install on the trucks. icon-quote-right

Maddison P., Office Manager, Larkin Landscaping

Integrated GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Insight pairs with other modem data terminals (MDTs) to provide integrated fleet management outside of just GPS tracking.

Garmin fleet, dēzl, and nüvi devices can be paired with GPS Insight vehicle tracking devices. The ELD-2000 is an android tablet that pairs with a GPS tracker.

How integrating GPS tracking devices helps your business:


  • More Efficient Dispatching
  • Turn-by-Turn Directions
  • Messaging and Status Updates
  • Mobile Data Collection

Electronic Logging Device (ELD):

  • Monitor Hours of Service
  • Make Certain DVIRs are Completed
  • Eliminate Paper Logs
  • Ensure FMCSA Compliance
Garmin GPS tracking device integration
ELD with GPS tracking device

GPS Insight Overview (Devices Page)
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