Fleet Size of 26-100

The GPS Insight Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solution for Mid-Size Businesses

You are a growing business with a large enough fleet that requires more sophisticated GPS tracking software.

GPS Insight is scalable and reliable to ensure, no matter how large your fleet is, that you always get the data you need to make the most informed business decisions. 

The Solution is designed for:

  • Simple setup
  • Ease of use
  • Customization to meet your needs
  • High automation
  • Actionable information
  • Cost effectiveness

Vehicles Tracked

western utility gps case study


Find out how GPS Insight has helped Western Utility save on fleet operating costs, prevent equipment theft, and decrease response times.


“I can’t imagine that any company that has a fleet of vehicles big or small would not benefit from a tracking system that pays for itself.” 

Mike L., Purchasing & Fleet Manager, Western Utility

Key Benefits:

  • Investigate trends and measure KPIs
  • Monitor fleet utilization and driver efficiency
  • Improve response times
  • Enhance fleet safety
  • Prolong vehicle and asset lifecycles
  • “Green” your fleet
  • Give access to all of your managers
  • Consult with a GPS Insight Account Manager to find areas for improvement and help drive ROI

GPS Insight Pro & Enterprise Solutions

Vehicles Tracked

abm gps case study

icon-quote-left2 We love the way reports are run with the custom options and amount of detail given in each. The dashboard was a night and day difference from what the old company had…It was exactly what we wanted, we were happy to switch over! icon-quote-right

Kim K., Dispatch Manager, ABM

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