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The wildlife control market is growing, though it isn’t without its challenges. Here’s a quick overview of obstacles facing your business – along with how you can solve them with wildlife control software.

Managing Customer Expectations
Streamlining Your Workload
Building a Path to Profitability
Dealing with Government Red Tape and Regulations

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Building a Path to Profitability

Profitability is the end goal of every business. Wildlife control has some X factors related to investment and technician skills that add extra challenges to turning a profit:
Equipment can be costly, especially traps, which can be damaged by animals and environmental conditions and need replacing.
You need experienced, qualified people to tackle tasks on rooflines, attics and other difficult spaces. That means more labor expenses.
“Hello, I have a bear in my yard” is typically a one-time call from a client. That means you can’t rely on recurring revenue like conventional pest control services.

Fortunately, demand is high. If you offer both pest and wildlife services, you can add a stream of important additional revenue. Whether your company offers both services or is solely focused, wildlife control software can help you meet the demand and increase your revenue.

Through customizable marketing tags and report building tools, you can accurately track and report on everything from broad questions – like which service calls are the most and least profitable – to specific questions like how many roof exclusions were performed in a ZIP code every July for the last three years.

This data provides visibility into how your customers are coming to you and which services provide the most return on investment, informing further growth and profitability.
Custom Revenue Reports
Work Order and Job Proof

Managing Customer Expectations

What’s a fair cost for removing a rattlesnake from a customer’s porch and safely relocating it? Probably more than they expected when they dialed your number in a panic. How do you help clients realize the value of your expertise and tools?

Set and remain consistent with the price of your services – being the lowest priced on the market can create short-term benefit, but long-term consequences.
Educate your callers about the value of your services on the front end – chances are, they’ve never safely removed a raccoon from a chimney, nor do they want to spend their evening hours chasing bats out of their warehouse.

Once you’ve turned a caller into a customer, give them the full story on the front end. Wildlife control business management software features like electronic work orders and customer portals make job history easy for customers, and improve their satisfaction. This includes notes and photos to further back up your value proposition after you get the job done.

Streamlining Your Workload

Being an owner-operator requires a blend of time out in the field and in the office, much longer workdays, and extra hours on the weekend to tie up loose ends. If you’re using paper or a mishmash of technology to run your business, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Wildlife control software can help you gain hours back in every day.

It simplifies managing your workload, bringing everything from customer data and electronic work orders to invoicing and payment processing together into one platform, all in real time. Automation and efficiency help you get organized and give back some of those extra hours so you can focus on growing your business.

FSM Calendar and Mobile Payment
Red-Tailed Hawk

Dealing with Government Red Tape and Regulations

“Congratulations, your technician just removed a protected Red-tailed Hawk from a customer’s property without a permit and destroyed its nest in the process – hope you weren’t planning to make a profit this year!” No wildlife control business ever wants to get a message like this.

You need to know for certain that your business is in compliance with all the rules, from seasonal protection to technician licensing. The right technology can make compliance easier and help with features like customized job checklists and photo documentation.

Licensing in your area may also impact the demand for your services – some local municipalities are licensed to handle wildlife control, while others refer callers to businesses like yours.

Whether you’re a wildlife control business veteran or just exploring expansion, joining industry associations and being active in local groups can keep you informed of new and changing legislation. And if you operate where local government agencies refer to private businesses, networking within these groups can help you stay at the top of the referral list.

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“Our ability to grow has increased without having to add more staff. The application is working exactly the way we ever dreamed it would.”

Joe Felegi, Critter Control

Final Thoughts

The future is bright with demand for wildlife control services showing no sign of slowing down. Now is the time to get profitable and get ready to grow.

Using technology to your advantage helps you stay on top of regulatory compliance and customer expectations, which goes a long way toward long-term growth and profitability.

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