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Pool service business management software can improve efficiency, get you more organized, and grow your business. How do you know if it can help your pool business? Start by asking these questions:

Can you withstand seasonal fluctuations?
Are you concerned about rising costs and material shortages?
Is your routing optimized for efficiency?
Do you have to wear many hats as an owner/operator?

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Are You Concerned About Rising Costs and Material Shortages?

Whether it’s a global pandemic or a cargo ship getting stuck in the Suez Canal, recent world events have exposed the frailty of the global supply chain. Pool service businesses have felt the impact of dwindling supplies and surging costs.

The easy fix is passing costs to customers – which exposes you to the risk of having them find someone cheaper to replace you. So what can you do? Be transparent with your customers. Be fair in how much you raise rates, give as much advance notice as possible, and explain the situation.

Pool service business management software can also sweeten the increase through an improved customer experience:

Provide details for customers to understand the products and services they’re paying for by using electronic work orders with custom fields.
Use photo uploads to provide proof of service and documentation before and after service.

Give your customers complete visibility into historical work orders, invoices, and any other media uploads with personalized portals.

Track less-frequent equipment servicing needs for your regular customers through comprehensive customer data management so they don’t have to.

Could Your Employees’ Routes to Jobsites be More Efficient?

A quick spike in gas prices can hit from out of nowhere – and completely upend your profits. Improving your routing can mitigate the impact of rising fuel prices.

With the right software, you’ll find key benefits:

Fewer miles driven and less non-billable time wasted.
Quicker ETAs to jobsites, which can lead to more jobs per day.
Less wear and tear on vehicles.

Pool service business management software allows you to easily see job locations on a map and schedule, assign, and route them efficiently. You’ll put hours back into your day without the hassle of plotting your technicians’ schedules with a map.

Can You Withstand Seasonal Fluctuations?

Seasons change. And so do profit margins.

Even in sunny climates, homeowners still use their pools less in cooler seasons. In other places, pools will freeze over. That means fewer visits or outright cancellations for your business.

Year-round service contracts can help you weather these fluctuations. You can offer different frequencies and types of service in the off season – for example, fall and winter service may change to leaf skimming, winterizing, or maintaining equipment.
This is where pool service business management excels. Aside from providing the ability to track equipment service to work into contracts, its reporting tools give visibility into revenue and marketing, which can prepare you for riding out the off season and position you to hit the ground running when the mercury rises again.
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Do You Have to Wear Many Hats as an Owner/Operator?

Being the boss is great, but it can be tough to stay on top of everything. You’re in the field like your employees, but also have to see the big picture. That means keeping a close eye on payroll and finding opportunities to grow. Here’s how the right software can help you balance your managerial role with your work in the field:
Spend less time pulling revenue reports, customer reports, and other data that can point your way to growth. And no more manual calculations will also improve your accuracy.
You’ll handle scheduling and assigning workers far faster, and you’ll reap other benefits like using less fuel and being able to squeeze in more jobs.
You won’t waste time getting paid. With pool management software, employees can accept payment after they finish the job. You can also set up recurring payments for repeat clients.
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“From the day I decided to purchase my subscription, I had no doubt that it was going to be a great investment. The team has excelled in constantly improving based on consumer input. They truly care and listen.”

Kelli Griffin, Robertson Pools

Final Thoughts

Customers have no idea what route your employees use, and they probably don’t care. But they definitely do care how much you’re charging them – and you care about ensuring that revenue flows in every season.

Pool service business management software provides a solution for all these challenges. It also adds a professional gloss that will impress customers. That’s a great asset in keeping them from seeking cheaper rivals.

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