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For cleaning services like yours, the right software solution can help you make a clean sweep over lower-priced, less-organized businesses.

Here are some ways you can benefit with the right software solutions:

Improve Efficiency Through Better Organization
Provide a Convenient Customer Experience
Ensure a Healthier Environment for Clients
Hire and Retain the Best Employees

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Improve Efficiency Through Better Organization

There are a few helpful ways to make your cleaning business more efficient.

For example, drive fewer miles, spend less unbillable time on the road, and have all the supplies you need to get the job done. With cleaning business management software, you’ll excel at seamless scheduling and dispatching.

With map-based job assignments, you’ll spend less time than ever routing your employees. You’ll likely even find time for extra jobs each day without hiring more people.

Plus, you’ll know that every vehicle and employee is equipped with the tools and products they need to get the job done. That means no repeat trips that waste time.

Customer Portal

Provide a Convenient Customer Experience

If you want to set yourself apart, start by doing little things well.

Like what? Cleaning business software provides your clients with details to see that you showed up on time and images that show exactly what has been done. The software helps you manage client data so you have instant access to historical work orders, invoices, and other media uploads. Better yet, provide clients with portals so they can access this information as easily as you can.

You can also see what products and how much of them you’ve used for every client’s jobs.

This adds up to a better customer experience than competitors can provide by relying on paper work orders or a mishmash of digital solutions.

Ensure a Healthier Environment for Clients

Think back two short years. Did you ever imagine that people would wear N95 masks to go shopping and that hand sanitizer would be available at the entrance to every building?

Right now, thorough cleaning is keeping us all safe – that’s why employees must do an exceptional job. Ensuring indoor air quality is vital in spaces of all sizes.

Not only that, but regulatory compliance also comes into play. With cleaning business management software, you can ensure that workers comply with government regulations and verify that the cleaning products you use are environmentally friendly.

A recent study shows that high-tech cleaning equipment and greener cleaning supplies can decrease bacteria growth by 40%.

Safety and Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning Work Order and Photo Proof

Hire and Retain the Best Employees

Hiring and keeping good employees is always a challenge. Commercial cleaners lose 55% of their customers because clients aren’t happy with their work.

That’s why you need to put even more effort into recruiting and retention. Cleaning business management software can help by removing some challenges from their workday:


Confusing dispatching information – Your team gets the info they need electronically, in real time.

Disagreements about proof of service – Employees can provide photographic proof that they served clients.
Ambiguous instructions – Some clients like things done a certain way, and a software solution can provide easy-to-follow guidance for them to follow.
The software will have their back, and so will you. This makes a huge difference in retaining quality workers. You can also use customer ratings and feedback to incentivize workers.

Final Thoughts

A safer, cleaner environment for each client … plus efficiency and a customer service experience that your competitors can’t match.

That’s what you can get from cleaning business software. Ditch the paper and the random software and integrate everything your business needs into a single winning solution.

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