Whitton Companies

Curbs High Labor Costs with Automated GPS Tracking


Whitton Companies is a residential home construction company located in Phoenix, AZ, specializing in plumbing, concrete, and framing.

Vehicles Tracked

Business Challenges

Before Whitton Companies implemented GPS Insight, they had three primary business challenges they were looking to solve.

Dispatching Crews to Customer Sites
They had a very manual process for dispatching drivers that consisted of pulling up a customer site on Google Maps, using Google to create the route, printing the route, and then scheduling a driver to the job that would have to come in to take the printed route.
Oversight of Field Employees
Managers back at the office had no way to confirm if field supervisors were on the job site when they were supposed to be. Managers would have to call supervisors and take their word for it or drive to customer sites to check for themselves.
High Labor Costs
The accounting department had no way to verify employee timecards, which they were certain was costing them more than it should. They were seeking a platform that could integrate with their enterprise resource planning (ERP) and payroll software used to manage all data throughout their organization.
GPS Insight

What GPS Insight Did

Since implementing GPS Insight to track their 60 vehicles, fleet management has been dramatically simplified for Whitton Companies. This is primarily due to the powerful location information and the ability to integrate that information with their backend software.


Improved Dispatch Efficiency

Whitton Companies has been able to increase dispatch efficiency and make sure drivers arrive at customer sites as quickly as possible.

Using Garmin navigation devices with GPS Insight’s platform allows us to easily route drivers and send messages regarding service needed.

– Matt Nielsen –

We set up landmarks around customer sites and other unauthorized locations. If an employee’s vehicle spends a certain amount of time in a landmark other than the customer site, we are notified by an alert and can identify if they are off task.

– Matt Nielsen –


Provided Visibility Over Field Employees

Whitton companies’ managers use GPS Insight to monitor their field employees throughout the workday. Nielson reported that it was shocking to see the places that employees were going in their company vehicles.

labor cost

Reduced High Labor Cost

Matt Nielson uses the straightforward API integration that GPS Insight offers to send GPS tracking data straight to their payroll and ERP software. Whitton Companies is now able to access all important data from one platform, which allows them to identify and eliminate unnecessary operational costs.

Many other GPS tracking providers we spoke with were claiming to offer API’s for the data we needed, but actually did not.

– Matt Nielsen –


Unexpected Benefit

While Whitton Companies was aware their operational costs were high, they didn’t realize the true extent of these excessive costs until their accounting team began using GPS tracking data to verify payroll hours. “Most employees use electronic timecards that integrate straight into our payroll system, but some employees bring their vehicles home and don’t punch in and out,” said Nielsen.

Some cases were blatant and others were just 10 to 15 minutes off billable time reported, but it really adds up over time.

– Matt Nielsen –


The Power of Integration

Integrating GPS tracking data directly into their payroll software allowed their accounting team to quickly and easily verify the hours reported on employee timecards to when they truly started and ended their day. They now use this method to verify every driver’s timesheet and fix any misreported hours with the click of a button.

Whitton Companies saves at least $100,000 per year in labor costs alone using GPS Insight to fix payroll discrepancies. 

When asked why Mr. Nielsen thinks businesses like yours should use GPS Insight, he responded:


I would say that GPS Insight is well worth the investment and to just do it. We have saved thousands and thousands of dollars using GPS Insight. You will receive your investment back in a short period of time.