User-Friendly GPS Tracking Solution Delivers Results for Texas Municipality

City Pampa Texas Profile
  • Company: City of Pampa, Texas
  • Industry: Government
  • Fleet Size: 54
  • Contact: Donny Hooper, Director of Public Works

Customer Success Summary

See how the City of Pampa, Texas, the second largest city in the Texas Panhandle, used GPS Insight vehicle tracking solutions to decrease their 60-vehicle fleet’s idle time average by 55%. This reduction is actively saving their 18,000 tax payers an average of $9,000 per year in Public Works costs.

Pampa Officials
Pampa city officials monitoring their GPS-enabled fleet


Pampa is the second largest city in the Panhandle of Texas. It is an oilfield supply point with allied industries, a marketing center for agriculture and livestock-raising, and an industrial center. The Public Works division consists of 60 vehicles for Street, Parks, Sanitation, Landfill, Code Enforcement, Engineering, Water Distribution, and Waste Water Collection.

Business Challenge

The Director of Public Works, Donny Hooper, knew that his fleet needed a way to be managed more effectively. Initially, the most important aspect that needed improvement was routing for his sanitation trucks.

He began looking into the different technologies on the market designed to improve routing, but he expanded his research to cover GPS fleet management solutions after realizing the amount of money that the technology saves municipalities.

Hooper knew that every day they went without a GPS fleet management system, they were losing out. “Time is money and I knew that once we were able to implement the system into our process that it would pay for itself.” He added, “I have a responsibility to the tax payers to use their dollars wisely and utilizing GPS tracking technology is one way that I can accomplish that.”

How it was solved

The City of Pampa put together a needs assessment and then ran a trial with a few different GPS tracking companies before making their decision to go with GPS Insight.

GPS Insight has a very intuitive dashboard interface so that even non tech-savvy employees can quickly learn how to use the software. Hooper informed GPS Insight that, “The software is so easy to use that one of our new, older aged employees was able to get up and running quickly, which says a lot about the thought that went into the development of the software.”

Do not hesitate any longer. The technology is available and will pay for itself when implemented properly and GPS Insight can help you with that.

Donny Hooper

Director of Public Works, City of Pampa

Since the completion of the installation, “GPS insight has helped us fully implement the software to maximize the benefits of the technology. We have already, in just a few short months, reduced our idle time stops, slowed down visits to convenience stores, improved route efficiency, and defended complaints from the public concerning city vehicles,” said Hooper.

The City has seen a reduction in idling violations (when Pampa’s acceptable limit of idle time is exceeded) of about 70% and a 55% decrease in average idle time. This computes to about $9,000 in fuel savings from reduced idling alone. Hooper added, “The reduction happened immediately after we started monitoring the vehicles and made the drivers aware of how much total idle time we were seeing in our fleet.”

The City of Pampa has significantly reduced fuel costs and increased productive work time from their staff by optimizing routes. “We were unaware of the amount of time that was being wasted running our trash routes. We had overlapping areas and routes that made no sense,” stated Hooper.

They have also been able to keep up with vehicle maintenance with GPS Insight. The managers of the different departments set up a maintenance schedule so that they receive reminders when a vehicle is due for maintenance. “This has been very nice for the managers of the departments to ensure that all maintenance is being completed without relying on word of mouth,” Hooper shared.

GPS Insight prides themselves on their consultative sales approach. The company understands that GPS tracking is a significant investment that requires a full understanding of the benefits, features, and most importantly, the ROI. Part of uncovering the ROI from The GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution comes from the service after the sale. “The sales approach is very honest, straight forward, and pleasant, but what is more valuable to me is the service after the sale. GPS Insight has always answered our calls and in some cases has called us about a problem that they have noticed with our fleet or system before we even knew it. The staff is knowledgeable and very eager to continue improving the system based on the customer’s needs and requests rather than an industry standard. I like that because we actually have a say, or some stock, in what the product is going to look like in the future. They are true professionals.”

How City of Pampa believes GPS Insight will benefit other cities/counties/municipalities:

  • Better Asset Management
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Improve Maintenance
  • Ensure Employee Accountability