Texas Turf Management

Texas Turf Management

Overcomes Struggle to Properly Maintain Fleet & Discovers Huge Savings

Texas Turf Management is a full-service commercial landscaping business who specializes in customized maintenance plans and irrigation installation.

Trucks Tracked

Business Challenges
Inefficient Maintenance Practices
Manually keeping track of when a single vehicle needs service is a chore, let alone 15 heavily used work trucks. Texas Turf Management struggled to properly maintain their vehicles, often forgetting to manually log what needed to be done and what had been completed. “Sometimes we’d be like ‘oh my goodness we need to check that’ and we go over there and check the vehicle and it’s 2,000 miles overdue for an oil change,” says Nolan B., owner of Texas Turf Management about his previous vehicle maintenance processes. Texas Turf Management needed a better solution to prevent missing important services. This was a problem that, if not addressed quickly, would lead to very high operating costs, higher risk, and a reduction in revenue.
GPS Insight
What GPS Insight Did
After witnessing the benefits a local plant nursery had seen with GPS Insight, Texas Turf Management decided GPS Insight was the solution for them. The key factor in their decision was GPS Insight software would make managing their preventative maintenance simple.

Provided efficient preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance
Texas Turf Management’s customer account manager at GPS Insight conducted training for Nolan and his team, familiarizing them with the software and showing them how easy it is to track maintenance.

GPS Insight implemented Nolan’s maintenance schedule for all 15 trucks. They now track all maintenance and set up recurring automated maintenance reminders.

GPS Insight provided Nolan with the peace-of-mind knowing that he has the tools in place to avoid unnecessary costs and risk associated with poor upkeep and keep his revenue generating vehicles on the road.

Now we simply receive an alert any time oil changes or tire rotations are due. It’s as easy as it can get.
– Nolan B. –

Owner, Texas Turf Management

Unexpected Benefits
“We’re still learning daily of all the things GPS tracking can do for us. We initially got into it just for the maintenance aspect of it and then learned daily of the tracking, the scheduling, almost everything that you can think of in a service business with employees in company vehicles that are on the road of how you can save money, so you would almost have to ask me where on each line item because GPS Insight is saving us across the board; time and money.”
“It’s almost as if that was the only way they knew how to get to the job, even if they were backtracking, or just around the corner, they would get on the tollway.”
– Nolan B. –
Unnecessary Routes by Drivers
Nolan has also discovered more benefits from the solution. Using GPS tracking, Texas Turf Management was able to see that some of their drivers were unnecessarily taking tollway roads to jobsites. “It’s almost as if that was the only way they knew how to get to the job, even if they were backtracking, or just around the corner, they would get on the tollway.” Since putting a stop to this behavior through routing intelligence, Texas Turf has been able to save over $900 per month in tollway fees just by avoiding EZTAG tollways around the metro Houston area.
Theft Deterrence
One of Nolan’s employees called in to report a stolen truck with $70,000 in equipment on board! With the aid of the GPS Insight desktop and mobile application, Houston Police were able to quickly recover the stolen truck and the equipment. Having GPS Insight now saves Texas Turf Management in vehicle and equipment replacement costs, not to mention a drawn-out insurance claim.
“We’re taking every precaution we can to make sure their product gets to them like they want it to get to them..”
– Nolan B. –
Utilizing historical data within GPS Insight, Texas Turf Management proved that one of their vehicles was 31 miles away at the time of an accident they were accused of being involved in.
Debunking False Claims
GPS Insight has also aided in debunking false claims about Texas Turf Management. As Nolan puts it, “We had an insurance company call and say our guys were involved in a hit and run with an exact time and date. Lawyers were involved on their side and everything. Once they gave me the time and location, the license plate and description of the vehicle, I was on the phone with the lawyer of the accusing party. I simply logged into GPS Insight, clicked that truck, put that time and day in the history, brought the truck up, and it was 31 miles away and hadn’t been on that side of town in weeks. Sent the report right there to the lawyer. The claim was dropped.”
How Texas Turf Management believes GPS Insight can help a business like yours:

Automate service reminders to ensure up-to-date maintenance for your vehicles

Uncover the hidden costs of doing business and proactively reduce them

Quickly recover costly equipment from theft