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GPS Insight Forward IconElectronic Work Orders Add up to Efficiency

  • Work orders now go straight to techs’ mobile devices
  • Electronic work orders make it possible to track parts used in the field
  • Revenue went up 64%
  • Mobile work order app also saves costs for gas and paper
Established in 1985, Robertson Pools is a full-service, elite custom builder with 35 years of swimming pool knowledge. As one of the largest full-service pool companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and with two locations to serve the area, Robertson Pools offers more than just design and construction. Their service and maintenance department technicians provide complete equipment repair and installation of new products year-round.

Robertson Pools Boosts Their Bottom Line

The Challenge

With the previous system, Robertson Pools technicians had to make two office visits each day to pick up and drop off work orders. Doing so ate up valuable time that could’ve been spent on additional jobs, while the extra fuel usage pulled on the company’s profits. It was also impossible to efficiently track parts that were used in the field due to the lack of real-time communication between the office and technicians.

The Solution

With GPS Insight Field Service Management (formerly ServiceBridge), Robertson Pools’ field workers do not have to visit the office, as all job information goes directly to their mobile devices. The easy to use mobile app makes it possible to add and update quantities of parts used on the job and sync this information with the office.

The Results

  • Net profit increased two percent based on lack of paper needs and fuel savings.
  • Revenue went up 64 percent, in large part due to the company’s marketing using the software and the speed at which they can now communicate and give information to homeowners.
  • The company streamlined technicians to be able to swap and add jobs without having to return to the office every time to pick up paperwork.
  • Inventory control became more in sync than ever, through instant knowledge of what had been used and what needed to be ordered.
  • Customers have given Robertson Pools kudos for being in tune with technology and keeping up with trends, which helps spread the word and brings in referrals for business.

From the day I decided to purchase my subscription, I had no doubt that it was going to be a great investment. The team has excelled in constantly improving based on consumer input. They truly care and listen.

Kelli Griffin

Service Manager, Robertson Pools

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