Quik Pik-All Over Towing Utilizes GPS Tracking to Improve Dispatching & Drive Revenue

Quik Pik Towing Profile
  • Company: Quik Pik-All Over Towing
  • Industry: Towing
  • Fleet Size: 32
  • Contact: Joe DiMarco, Owner

Customer Success Summary

“Once I was shown a demo of The GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution, I knew it was going to have all the components that we needed.” Quik Pik-All Over Towing improves dispatching when implementing the GPS Insight vehicle tracking solutions for accurate and up to date location information.

Quik Pik Tow Truck Fleet
Tow Truck Tracked by GPS Insight


Quik Pik-All Over Towing is a Phoenix, AZ based towing company that has been in business for 10 years. The towing company has experienced rapid growth and success due to their focus on safety, efficiency, and customer service. Quik Pik-All Over Towing has a mixed fleet that is able to provide service for any weight vehicles in need of towing. They have existing relationships with many government organizations, clubs, dealerships, roadside assistance companies, and major insurance companies.

Business Challenge

Quik Pik-All Over Towing had tried three GPS tracking systems prior to GPS Insight. The company was in the market for a product that had superior software and would give them full control of their fleet. “All three were bare-bones products that had several missing components that we needed in order to effectively control dispatch, driver movement, and improve time management,” said Joe DiMarco, Owner of Quik Pik-All Over Towing Inc. The real issue with the other providers was their refresh rate and location accuracy. The refresh rate is how quickly the location data is updated in the GPS tracking software. The refresh rates were too slow for Joe’s business, showing trucks in locations they were no longer in. “Inaccurate location information by the previous company left our dispatch team up in arms on a daily basis. With a 5 minute refresh rate, our trucks could be going 5 miles in the wrong direction before our dispatchers could see that was the case,” reported DiMarco.

Accurate GPS tracking technology is extremely important for Quik Pik-All Over Towing, according to DiMarco, “The nature of the towing business, being primary responders to accident scenes with PD, Fire, and Rescue, absolutely requires us to know the exact location of all our trucks for making instantaneous decisions for dispatching, ensuring quick response times to calls. “The length of response time determines whether or not the company will accept a job or even be considered for the job. “Every minute matters,” stated DiMarco.

How it was solved

Once Quik Pik-All Over Towing was made aware of The GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution, their stress from searching for a reliable GPS tracking partner came to an end. DiMarco stated, “Once I was shown a demo of The GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution, I knew it was going to have all the components that we needed.”

GPS Insight always recommends running a proof of concept pilot before purchasing the software so that management can compare it to other solutions and get a feel for the ROI they can expect. “Allowing us to pilot the product’s quality and accuracy by physically seeing it in action with our own trucks before making a commitment was hugely important to us,” DiMarco shared, “We didn’t want to get stuck with another provider that didn’t cut it and this allowed us to put it to the test.”

GPS Insight not only pays for itself, but will drive financial growth from improved time
management and reduced fuel savings.

Joe DiMarco

Owner, Quik Pik-All Over Towing

The most significant benefit of implementing GPS Insight is the accurate and up to date location information that has allowed Quik Pik-All Over Towing to improve their dispatching. “We are able to view our fleet on a map to make sure that they are spread out evenly across the valley.” This is important because they never know where the next call will send their tow trucks to, and they need to have trucks nearby when a call comes in for quick response.

“By implementing GPS Insight to our daily workflow, we have decreased our response times by an average of 10 minutes. This development has increased our standings with law enforcement, towing, and roadside contracts we hold where we have seen a 20% increase in service requests and have therefore increased monthly revenue by $2,000.” They expect these numbers to continue to increase over the course of the next 12 months.

An unforeseen benefit from The GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution was a decrease in fuel costs. The most evident problem that we were made aware of was excessive idle time. By monitoring drivers engines at idle, fuel consumption has been reduced by approximately $1,000 per month. They are able to monitor true idle vs. PTO engaged idle time. This shows Quik Pik-All Over Towing when vehicles are leaving their trucks running for no apparent reason vs. left running to load a vehicle onto the flatbed.

They have also reduced their fuel costs by reducing miles driven. “By having our dispatchers able to monitor their exact location en route to a job, we are able to guide drivers and prevent wrong turns and additional miles in the wrong direction, thus resulting in overall fuel and time savings.”

According to DiMarco, “GPS Insight not only pays for itself, but will drive financial growth from improved time management and reduced fuel savings.”

DiMarco concluded, “As operators and owners, we feel that it is our responsibility to be involved in the evolution of technology to result in better business practices that will set us apart from the herd.” Quik Pik-All Over Towing has accomplished this by partnering with GPS Insight to take full control of their fleet and improve their overall fleet operations.

When asked what he would tell fleet managers considering GPS tracking DiMarco said, “I cannot urge you enough to have one or two units installed and try it for 30 days. You will not be disappointed. As a matter of fact, you will find yourself saying more than once, “IT CAN DO THAT TOO?!!”

How Quik Pik-All Over Towing believes GPS Insight can help other companies like yours:

  • Drive Financial Growth & Substantial ROI
  • Increase Fleet Visibility
  • Reduce Response Time
  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Increase Revenue