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Invader Pest Management has operated in Phoenix since 1994 as a recognized leader in integrated pest management.

Soaring Gas Prices Start a Fleet Management Transformation

Bugged by High Gas Prices

It took nearly 20 years for Invader Pest Management to build a reputation as one of the top pest-control businesses in Phoenix. But gas prices that soared to $4 a gallon cut into its profits.

That’s when Fred Willey, president of Invader Pest Management, looked for ways to solve this challenge.


Route to Success

Willey evaluated every factor that could cause the Invader fleet to burn too much fuel. The answer came down to routing his technicians: Getting them from one customer to the next with maximum efficiency could trim the company’s fuel costs dramatically.

Willey implemented a GPS tracking system on the fleet, allowing dispatchers to track technicians’ locations in real time and dispatch them to the nearest customer. The move quickly paid off by trimming monthly fuel costs by $1,000. That figure doesn’t even include maintenance savings.


Managing Mileage and More

The GPS tracking solution did more than cut mileage. It also provides automated maintenance reminders, proof that technicians visited customers and shows when technicians started and ended their day.

“It has paid for itself, and I don’t have a problem paying for it each month … without it, I know our costs would be a lot more than what we spend on GPS [tracking],” said Willey.


How Invader Pest Management Succeeded


Saved $1,000 per month on fuel alone


Reduced miles driven


Improved customer service


Extended fleet life


Streamlined time tracking

Better Business Analysis

Before using a GPS tracking solution, Invader Pest Management estimated how long technicians spent at each job location. Once they implemented tracking, the company knew how long employees spent at each job location. That also helped them to assess how many jobs they could complete each day.  “We use GPS Insight 50/50 as far as controlling our own costs and reporting to customers what is being done,” said Willey.

It has worked great for us and we think it’s a great program!

Fred Willey

President, Invader Pest Management

Healthier Fleet from Diagnostics

Invader started scheduling service reminders and receiving vehicle diagnostic information. This prevents technicians from going over mileage for maintenance, which keeps their vehicles in optimal condition. They also receive diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), which helps them stay on top of serious engine issues that could take vehicles out of service.


Containing Payroll Expenses

GPS tracking has been a valuable tool in decreasing payroll expenses. Invader Pest Management uses GPS Insight reports to see when technicians start and end their day. Technicians still log their own hours but with increased precision. “It is easy to see their accuracy; it’s black and white,” Willey said.