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Building Stronger Customer Service, Tearing Down Labor Cost

Customers count on Cal Building and Maintenance (CBMI) for 24/7 construction services, including plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and restoration.

Listening to Customers Leads to Improvement

It’s simple: A happy customer is likely to call your organization again for future needs. Dan Zaharoni, CFO of CBMI, wasn’t confident that he could count on repeat business and glowing referrals. Customers were disputing the number of hours that technicians spent on the job.

Zarahoni was also unsure that CBMI technicians were properly accounting for their time en route to job sites. He needed a way to instill confidence in customers while making sure that technicians were focused on the job.

What CBMI Learned from Data

CMBI realized that fleet tracking would provide data to solve its challenges. They implemented a solution that monitored vehicle locations, idle times, time spent on jobsites, and more.

The telematics data led to savings on labor costs by ensuring the technicians had a tool to accurately track their time. It held the technicians more accountable, which cut down on wasted time and personal errands.

CBMI Acts on Opportunities to Improve

“GPS Insight has saved us a minimum of 10% on our labor costs, since we believe we were losing up to 45 minutes per day per employee based on faulty timekeeping and outright misrepresentation on field reports,” Zarahoni said.

The Road to Success for CBMI


10% savings on labor costs in the first week


8% decrease in number of hours paid


Improved customer service


Increased technician productivity

Accountability Builds Customer Confidence

Customers who dispute service call times received concrete evidence of hours spent at the site. This reduced complaints, which can lead to more repeat business.

GPS Insight has saved us a minimum of 10% on our labor costs.

Dan Zaharoni


Quick Results from Fleet Management

It took just one week for their vehicle tracking solution to prove its worth. It identified inflated field reports from three technicians.

Moving Forward with Better Tracking

With GPS Insight solutions, technicians were more accurate with their time tracking. CBMI believes that knowing a tracking system in place encourages them to better represent their hours worked.


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