Landscape Company Uses Fleet Tracking to Reduce Costs and Gain Valuable Insight

Singing Hills Landscape Profile
  • Company: Singing Hills Landscape
  • Industry: Landscaping
  • Fleet Size: 22
  • Contact: Blake Lehr, Asset Manager

Customer Success Summary

Singing Hills has used GPS Insight to reduce fleet operating costs across the board and have since seen over 100% return on investment. See how GPS Insight enabled Singing Hills to reduce speeding, save on fuel costs by reducing idling and miles driven, increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs.

Singing Hills Landscaping Truck
Landscaping Vehicle Tracked by GPS Insight


Singing Hills Landscape, located in Aurora, Colorado provides commercial landscaping installation and maintenance in the greater Denver area. They are known for their work in creative and design services, water conserving irrigation systems, residential landscape construction, and more.

Business Challenge

Singing Hills Landscape knew that their vehicles were excessively idling, especially while crews loaded up equipment and materials. “I would notice one of our trucks pull past me into the yard, and 5 minutes would go by with the engine still running,” said Blake Lehr, Asset Manager for Singing Hills Landscape. He figured if the crews left the vehicles running in the yard, they were most likely leaving them running at job sites, too. Singing Hills also wanted to find a way to verify and improve efficiency of routes taken to job sites to help decrease miles driven and fuel costs. In addition, they knew that there were a lot of unknowns that GPS fleet tracking software would help them uncover.

How it was solved

Singing Hills compared a few different fleet tracking solutions to see which would fit their needs best. They needed an interface that was user friendly so that everyone in the office could easily use it and understand the information they could gather from the software. They were also interested in finding a solution that was web-based so managers could access the software from anywhere, anytime. “GPS Insight is by far the best we came across when testing the solutions against one another,” said Lehr.

Since implementing GPS Insight, Singing Hills has been able to take control of engine idle time. “We found out that on average, our crews were idling for a total of around 9 hours a week, which translates to 4.5 gallons per week and approximately 16 gallons of wasted fuel a month,” said Lehr. They reduced idle time by 63% by coaching their drivers and have saved roughly $1,000 annually in fuel.

GPS Insight has a great product and great support staff. I have never had a problem getting ahold of support and they have always been friendly and willing to help, even with more obscure requests for reports.

Blake Lehr

Asset Manager, Singing Hills Landscape

Using GPS Insight Alerts, Singing Hills has also been able to improve driver behavior by reducing speeding incidents by 37%. This reduction has made his fleet safer on the road and decreased fuel consumption as well.

Singing Hills also ensures that their drivers are taking the most efficient routes to job sites with GPS Insight. They use visual historical reporting to figure out if drivers are taking the most efficient routes to each job. By looking at where their drivers have been and their trails, management is able to identify whether or not crews are taking longer routes to increase their time on-the-clock. “When we ask a driver why they took a certain route to a jobsite and they say it was because of construction or other traffic delays, we are able to verify if that was true.”

Singing Hills has been able to solve other business challenges they were unaware of before implementing GPS Insight, such as improving crew productivity. After multiple receipts were turned in from the same home improvement store in one day, Singing Hills set up landmarks around these locations to see just how frequently their crews were picking up supplies. “We were surprised to see how often crews were going to these stores. In one instance, I saw a crew go to the same home improvement store 5 times in one day!” said Lehr. “That is at least 5 hours of productivity lost, including drive time and even more time lost for every additional member of the crew that would tag along.” On average, the crews made 4-5 trips per week, and each visit cost Singing Hills about $75 in lost labor per employee. At a minimum, this inefficiency cost Singing Hills $3,900 a year. Lehr quickly addressed the issue, and now the crews average 1-2 trips to home improvement stores and supply houses each week. This simple adjustment provided more efficient time management and increased productivity, which saves Singing Hills about $3,100 annually.

Lehr also landmarked all local gas stations to analyze when his crews were filling up and found that they were often making stops at the gas station in the middle of the day. In order to increase efficiency, he implemented a rule that they only fill up at the beginning or end of each day. Singing Hills uses the location intelligence that GPS Insight provides to train their crews to be more efficient with their time and be more productive.

Lehr concluded by saying, “GPS Insight has a great product and great support staff. I have never had a problem getting ahold of support and they have always been friendly and willing to help, even with more obscure requests for reports.”

How Singing Hills Landscape believes GPS Insight can help other companies like yours:

  • Decrease Idle Time
  • Improve Route Efficiency
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Drive Time