Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning Increases Dispatch Efficiency with Fleet Tracking

  • Company: Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Industry: Heating and Cooling
  • Fleet Size: Mid
  • Contact: Eric Knaak, VP of Service/Fleet Manager

Customer Success Summary

See how Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning, a company operating for over 70 years in Upstate and Central New York, leveraged GPS Insight vehicle tracking solutions to improve fleet health, increase customer satisfaction and response times through diagnostics, improved routing and dispatching of their 85 vehicle fleet.

ISAAC HVAC Truck Tracking
Vehicle tracked by GPS Insight


In business since 1945, Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning has worked diligently, grown and evolved to meet the changing heating and air conditioning needs of homeowners and business in Upstate and Central New York. They have 85 vehicles with GPS Insight (65% of their fleet).


As Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning started opening new branches, they knew they needed to become more efficient and streamline their business. One of the biggest areas that needed to be addressed was the efficiency of their dispatching as they added more dispatchers and technicians to the company. They also wanted to be sure that they were sending the closest technicians to calls using the best possible route, which was proving to be a challenge. Prior to implementing GPS tracking, zip codes were being used to dispatch drivers to calls, only to find out that in some cases, out of zip code technicians were actually closer. Given the lack of accuracy in dispatching drivers, this also effected their response time to emergency calls involving water and gas leaks, something that was a huge priority to improve. They knew that a GPS fleet tracking system would increase the effectiveness of their dispatching, making them a more successful company.

How it was solved

After a few years of researching GPS tracking technology and testing a few different vendors, Isaac Heating selected the GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution in 2009. The simple and easy to use interface was a big part of their decision as well as all the many reporting options available. Also, the ability to access their fleet information from virtually anywhere at any time via a computer or iPhone/iPad and receive alerts 24 hours a day made GPS Insight the clear choice.

Initially, Issaac Heating faced skepticism from some of their technicians, but by effectively communicating how the technology would be used and explaining what data would be tracked, some of the “big brother” fears subsided. “We allowed a 60-day grace period for our techs to adjust to having GPS tracking in their vehicles. We would send friendly reminders that they needed to slow down or shut off the truck. Once the grace period ended, we held each tech accountable,” said Eric Knaak, VP of Service and Fleet Management.

GPS Insight has proven to be invaluable for Isaac Heating in addressing these and many more issues that have come up over
the years.

Eric Knaak

VP of Service/Fleet Manager, Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning

Isaac Heating quickly realized that speeding was one of their biggest issues upon implementing GPS Insight. Utilizing the speed reports available, they were able to keep an eye on drivers with a heavy foot. Not only has this helped Isaac Heating to cut back on complaints received from other drivers on the road, it has also allowed them to increase their average MPG by 5-10% just by keeping drivers under the posted speed limit.

The most important area of improvement, however, has been significantly decreasing their response time. Since dispatchers are able to track the actual location of all technicians, they are able to send someone to a location faster – actually reducing travel time by approximately 12%. In one such instance, “a customer called in to say that he had another heating company out to address a problem and that they were claiming prior work by Isaac Heating had been done incorrectly. Wanting to stand by our work, I was able to open up the GPS Insight software to locate the nearest technician, contact him on his cell phone and have him at the house within 5 minutes. Once there, the tech was able to diagnose the actual problem and the customer was so pleased that he actually asked the other company to leave so that Isaac Heating could handle the repairs,” stated Knaak. These quick response times have given Isaac Heating the ability to provide the best possible service to their customers.

An unforeseen benefit of using GPS Insight has been improved fleet health. They have diagnostic devices that plug into the engine computer, notifying management when the vehicle needs a repair or service. This allows them to maintain their fleet more efficiently. Knaak explained, “One code we commonly see is a “002”, which is the indicator for a possible bad oxygen sensor. With this information, we are able to notify the shop of the necessary repairs before the service van comes in, allowing the vehicle to be back on the road sooner.” This eliminates downtime, allowing Isaac Heating to maximize productivity.

“GPS Insight has proven to be invaluable for Isaac Heating in addressing these and many more issues that have come up over the years. Since the implementation of GPS Tracking in 2009, we have grown and expanded our fleet by 25 vehicles,” Knaak concluded.

How Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning believes GPS Insight can help other companies like yours:

  • GPS Insight is incredibly simple to use and easy to learn
  • The technology is fully customizable to meet customer needs
  • GPS Insight provides excellent support after the sale