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First Class Charter specializes in charter bus transportation for group and business travel.

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Business Challenges
Manual process of keeping logs and state mileage
First Class Charter knew they would have to comply with the ELD mandate when it was announced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Their motor coaches travel well beyond the 100-air-mile rule (now updated to 150 miles) in their routes and across state lines. Also, drivers were keeping track of their hours and state mileage by hand. This took up significant time for the drivers and even more time for administrators going through mounds of paperwork.
Ripple effects of the mandate on the customer experience
The ELD mandate meant that First Class Charter would have to completely change the way their tour groups planned the driver’s routes. First Class Charter places a huge emphasis on their customer service. Mark D., Sales Director for First Class Charter, wanted to find an ELD solution as soon as possible so that they would have ample time to learn the new ELD system, train the drivers, and perfect their new workflow of creating routes in the most efficient way before the mandate went into effect. They did not want this to affect the experience of their customers.

“We knew when the mandate came down there were going to be a lot of companies that didn’t get on board until the last minute. We also knew there would be a retraining period for the drivers as well as our tour groups and the time they plan. It changed our mindset and approach. We had to retrain our mindset in how far a driver can go in a day.” – Mark D.

What GPS Insight Did
Improved Driver Efficiency Through Automation
The drivers looked forward to the GPS Insight system because it meant that state mileage and IFTA reporting would no longer need to be done by hand. GPS Insight provides that information through one report to help streamline the process. This also saves time for administrative staff from the many hours it takes going through stacks of paper logs to manually fill out the IFTA report. The drivers also enjoy having the tablet inside the cab displaying how many hours they have left on their shift. Having this information provided to them allows them to focus on their main priority – their passengers.
Fast Implementation and Training
First Class Charter started their implementation with GPS Insight mid-October of 2016. They were up and running by December 1st. Mark took advantage of the online instructions for the installation of the hardware to perform all of the installations himself. After watching the online videos and printing the guides, he worked on installing the hardware when the vehicles came back to the yard. This gave Mark and his team the time they needed to focus on how they would change their workflow for the tour groups and how they plan the drivers’ routes.
Once we got the installations done, we would call in to verify and activate the unit. If there were any issues, they were addressed right then. You guys were always quick and easy to help out and correct any issues.
– Mark D. –
Unexpected Benefit
Mark knew that along with the ELD and vehicle tracking system, GPS Insight would provide engine diagnostic information. What he didn’t realize initially was how that information could be utilized. Once they started getting diagnostic information and understanding what the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) were, they now communicate to their drivers if it is a “you can keep driving” code or a “you need to stop and get help” code.
When asked why Mark thinks businesses like yours should use GPS Insight, he responded:
It’s easy to use and simplified, especially on the driver’s end for ELD. Beyond that, it’s the GPS Insight support. They are quick to answer and most importantly, they take care of us well after becoming a customer.