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Dayton’s Pest Control is a family owned and operated business located in Knoxville, Tennessee. They are the local source for pest control and crawl space repair.

Curbing Suspicious Driver Behavior and Improving Customer Experience

The Challenge

Dayton’s Pest Control started looking for a GPS tracking solution to increase driver accountability. They wanted to increase accountability for their technicians when they were in the field by verifying their vehicle locations and monitoring utilization of company trucks throughout the workday.

Additionally, customers would sometimes call in and claim that their technician had not serviced their account. Without GPS tracking in place, Dayton’s had no proof whether or not their technician had in fact completed the job. They needed a solution to help verify job completion.

The Solution

Dayton’s Pest Control was referred to GPS Insight by an association that uses the solution for their construction business. Once they experienced the software capabilities first hand, they were confident that GPS Insight would meet their expectations and that they would receive excellent customer service throughout their partnership.

The Results

Dayton’s Pest Control is also able to raise accountability for their technicians in the field by tracking their location at all times.

“Once we installed GPS Insight devices into their vehicles, they realized that we have the ability to track their use of company trucks and their location throughout the workday,”

This initiative led to a drop in suspicious activity like taking long breaks during the workday or using company vehicles when they shouldn’t.

Since the implementation of GPS Insight to their business, Dayton’s Pest Control has been able to provide proof of service during customer disputes by accessing detailed stop reports for any vehicle in their fleet. Dayton and Sheila explained that

“Having GPS tracking allows us to now tell the customer what date, time, and how long we were there to service their home.”

Providing proof of service protects their business against false claims and improves their customers’ experience.

Unexpected Results

With GPS Insight alerts, companies are able to set a speeding alert when drivers exceed an acceptable speed limit. Speeding alerts are completely customizable and can be altered to fit any threshold that is specific to each business’s policy.

Dayton’s was unaware how many of their technicians were speeding in their trucks. They are now alerted when technicians are driving 10 miles over the speed limit.

Finally, GPS Insight helped Dayton’s Pest Control identify out of control labor costs. The GPS Insight software gives Sheila data regarding each technician’s workday and eliminates false or inflated time cards.

“We found out that we had a guy that would come in extra early, clock in, then go right back home.”

Once she was aware of this routine, she was able to monitor how frequently technicians were falsifying hours and were able to accurately address them. The ability to prove when technicians actually start and end their day enables management to reduce unnecessary labor costs.

When asked if he had any advice for fleet executives currently looking to implement GPS tracking, Dayton said,

“Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish; you will absolutely receive your return on investment.”

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