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Increases Efficiencies by Automating Manual Processes

Culy Contracting provides construction service, focusing primarily on the water & sewer industry, commercial, residential, and municipal organizations.

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Business Challenges
Facing the ELD Federal Mandate & Inefficient Maintenance Practices
Initially, Culy Contracting started researching telematics solutions to find a compliant Electronic Logging Device (ELD). However, before GPS Insight, there was no process in place for keeping track of when different preventative maintenance (PMs) were due for each truck. On any given week, multiple drivers would arrive at the same time in need of oil changes, inspections, etc. This approach effected their vehicle downtime and ability to perform maintenance in a timely manner.
Manually Tracking State Mileage Reports
Culy Contracting drivers need to keep track of their mileage in each state for the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) report. The necessary paperwork for IFTA reporting must be completed monthly and requires an account of miles driven for each truck in every state they visit. Doing this manually wasted countless man hours going through hand-written paperwork from the drivers, making corrections, and translating that data into IFTA reports.
GPS Insight

What GPS Insight Did

As Culy Contracting researched ELD compliant solutions, they began to identify areas of the business that could benefit from the insight of a holistic fleet management approach. They ultimately chose GPS Insight because of their easy to use ELD system and partnership with Amerisure Insurance, their insurance provider.
Providing an Easy to Use Compliant System
Even though only 37 of the 101 trucks needed to comply with the ELD mandate, Culy Contracting also decided to deploy the ELD tablet into 28 other trucks. This was in part because of how easy the system is to use, but also because of how valuable the on-screen navigation inside the cab (Magellan navigation) is. They also saw the value in having the tablets in non-ELD trucks for Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) for maintenance purposes.
Automating Manual Processes
Utilizing GPS Insight has dramatically decreased the number of man-hours it takes to complete IFTA reports. This process has been completely automated with a state mileage report generated within the GPS Insight system that breaks down the number of miles driven within each state per month. Now, all of the necessary IFTA report information is provided without error and can be quickly filled out.
Knowing what [service] is coming up and what’s due has helped out tremendously. The service manager isn’t waiting for the drivers to come in anymore, he’s scheduling and telling them when to come in to get service.
– Stephen H. –
Streamlining Vehicle Maintenance
Making the vehicle maintenance process much more efficient is one of the biggest returns Culy Contracting has seen from the GPS Insight system. They now automate this process and set their annual inspections, oil changes based on miles driven, and other preventative maintenance. Using the GPS Insight ELD tablets for DVIR has streamlined their maintenance process. The service manager is now prepared knowing which trucks are coming in for service and efficiently planning for downtime.
Unexpected Benefit
Shortly after implementing GPS Insight, Culy Contracting experienced theft of multiple vehicles, trailers, and equipment in one incident. A driver noticed that they weren’t where they were supposed to be while looking at the map. Culy Contracting immediately contacted authorities and was able to recover all vehicles, trailers, and equipment worth $350,000!
Because of the [GPS Insight] system, it was back on our lot in 24 hours. Without it, the truck would have been chopped up and gone.
– Stephen H. –
Increasing Safety by Decreasing Safety Events
As part of the Amerisure partnership, Culy Contracting has quarterly reviews with their dedicated Customer Account Manager from GPS Insight to review how the vehicles are performing in regards to safety. There are four key areas they address – rapid acceleration, harsh deceleration, speeding events, and posted speed events. Since implementing GPS Insight, their heavy-duty vehicle safety events have decreased by 119%.
When asked why Stephen thinks businesses like yours should use GPS Insight, he responded:
From maintenance to state mileage, it makes life so much easier.