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Advantage Transportation specializes in the delivery of foods, wine, and spirits from smaller distributors and small distilleries.

$700K in Savings Plus Improved Compliance Add Up to Big Wins

Aiming for High CSA Scores

Advantage Transportation was searching for an electronic logging solution. Their goals: to remain a technology-focused company, lower their CSA scores, and meet the FMCSA ELD mandate Also, the company had challenges bringing drivers up to speed with logging. They needed a solution that could help fast so they wouldn’t have to wait until the last moment.

Assuring a Constant Temperature During Transit

Advantage Transportation serves a niche market. And a large percentage of the products it transports must remain at a constant temperature. Temperature fluctuations can spoil many of the beverages they transport. The company risks losing revenue for products that are spoiled or damaged. With Advantage Transportation’s commitment to delivering each shipment in prime condition, they needed to assure customers that their shipment would be kept at a specific temperature. Also, another FDA mandate – the Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA) – will require the food transportation industry to monitor the temperature of refrigerated trailers.

Safeguarding from Theft

Theft was also a concern for Advantage Transportation. Both trucks and trailers had been stolen in the past. Just one trailer and tractor could be worth close to $1 million. They needed to protect their assets and the products they were trusted to deliver.

How Advantage Transportation Succeeded


Improved CSA scores


Temperature monitoring


Increased security

Better CSA Scores and ELD Compliance

While many organizations see the ELD mandate as a forced inconvenience, there are real benefits to using a digital, paperless, hours of service solution. And Advantage Transportation saw immediate benefits from their fleet solution. They lowered their CSA scores by over 30%, which led to lower insurance premiums. 

Temperature Tracking Assures Quality

Advantage Transportation uses its fleet solution to track and monitor the temperature of their refrigerated trailers. The company maintains a constant 55 degrees Fahrenheit for beverage transportation in their refrigerated trailers.

GPS Insight installed temperature sensors on Advantage Transportation’s refrigerated trailers. These sensors notify Advantage Transportation if their trailers’ temperatures fluctuate. They can now monitor the location and health of their vehicles and the products they’re transporting. And they also have a paperless electronic logging solution. That’s all within a single system.

Critical Asset Recovery

Bess, who works in driver management, shared how Advantage Transportation used GPS Insight to recover a stolen truck and, more importantly, the attached trailer that contained over $500,000 in product. This helped recover more than $700,000 in assets. GPS Insight reliably reported on the device’s location.

For all the systems I’ve tested, the [ELD] units are the best units you can use to train a driver. It’s just like a paper log.

Cary B.

Project Manager, Advantage Transportation

Unexpected Benefit for Advantage Transportation

Advantage Transportation’s unexpected benefit came in the form of detention billing.

“The way the industry is going now, everyone is going to have to move towards detention,” Cary said. “If their truck is going to sit longer than two hours, they will have to charge the customer.” Landmarks and geofences – which Advantage Transportation hadn’t used previously – have become indispensable tools.

Advantage uses this feature by landmarking all customer sites. The landmark report tells them when one of their vehicles arrived at a customer location and when it left. This makes billing for detention much more accurate.

”We can go back to our customer and say, ‘here’s the report that shows our vehicle being at your location for X amount of time, and this is what we charge for that time,’” Cary explained. “That’s another great aspect of GPS tracking, especially with your system.”

We can go back to our customer and say, ‘here’s the report that shows our vehicle being at your location for X amount of time, and this is what we charge for that time.’ That’s another great aspect of GPS tracking, especially with your system.

Cary B.

Project Manager, Advantage Transportation

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