February 14, 2012

Scottsdale, AZ — GPS Insight, a leading provider of GPS tracking (AVL) solutions for commercial fleets, will be hosting a webinar which speaks to the use of GPS tracking for utility fleets. The webinar will include presentations by two fleet managers who use GPS tracking to deploy resources more efficiently, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

See real-world examples of the benefits these utility fleet managers have realized, and discover how you can apply them to your business.

  • Introduction to GPS tracking
  • Benefits of GPS tracking for utility fleets
  • Challenges experienced by two utility fleet managers
  • How GPS tracking improved the way they do business

About GPS Insight:
GPS Insight is a leading supplier of reliable GPS tracking, navigation, and messaging technology for fleet-based customers. They utilize high quality GPS hardware and add the technology, customization and enhancements which fleet-based companies demand. Using the GPS Insight solution, companies realize a significant increase in efficiency, and gain insight into all aspects of their fleet operations. Current location, unlimited history, Garmin integration, engine diagnostics, routing, reports, alerts, and messaging all combine to provide the ideal platform for fleet-based companies. GPS Insight provides highly flexible solutions, which include a wide range of customized reports, alerts, and other features that can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements and ensure maximum return on investment.

Joe Vidmar
Senior Account Manager at GPS Insight
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