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GPS Insight Partners with Amerisure

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – GPS Insight, a leading provider of fleet software for organizations with vehicles, trailers and other mobile assets, has teamed up with Amerisure, one of the nation’s leading providers of commercial insurance, as its telematics solution partner for the Amerisure FleetAlliance program following the results of a two-year safety study. The comprehensive study revealed that Amerisure policyholders using GPS Insight Tracking saw a claim reduction of 30%, which was the highest reduction among the telematics solutions tested.

“GPS Insight is proud to be named the Preferred Telematics Solution Partner for Amerisure Insurance,” said Ryan Driscoll, VP of Marketing at GPS Insight. “The results of the Amerisure study prove that there are two key elements to a successful fleet safety program: a strategy with a clear picture of what success looks like and a partner that can provide the technology and expertise to execute on that strategy.”

Key results from the study, which included 26 Amerisure clients and more than 1,800 vehicles, showed that Amerisure policyholders using GPS Insight Tracking experienced:

  • 23% reduction in unsafe driving incidents
  • 22% reduction in posted speeding events
  • 30% reduction in fixed speed events
  • 20% reduction in hard braking events
  • 22% reduction in acceleration events

“Partnerships are successful because of an alignment of mutual interests. At Amerisure, our mission is to deliver value-added products with superior service,” said Kevin Clary, VP of Risk Management at Amerisure. “Having GPS Insight as our telematics partner is instrumental for us delivering great products and superior service to our policyholders while giving them confidence that they’ve done everything they can to keep their drivers safe. The results from the study clearly illustrate the power of two organizations working together to directly benefit the client.”

Incorporating GPS Insight technology, the Amerisure FleetAlliance Program will provide policyholders with detailed driver insights on minimizing fallout from accidents, reducing out-of-service expenses, lowering at-fault accidents, and decreasing property damage. Program participants will also receive next-generation insights with AI-powered Driveri smart cameras, which calculate driver performance without any need to review footage.

Driscoll concludes, “At the end of the day, our partnership with Amerisure is about the use of industry-leading technology to help fleet operators reduce accidents and make the roads safer while reducing premiums and likelihood of dropping coverage for being at risk. The Amerisure FleetAlliance Program accomplishes these things while providing policyholders with the peace of mind they need to meet their business objectives.”

To learn more about the GPS Insight telematics technology or how to improve fleet safety through Amerisure’s FleetAlliance program, visit or send an inquiry to [email protected].

About GPS Insight

GPS Insight helps customers engage their fleet by delivering innovative solutions and actionable insights. Organizations across North America turn to GPS Insight when they have high fleet operating costs, are worried about safety on the roads, and have inefficiencies that waste valuable time and money. GPS Insight offers all-encompassing technology for organizations with drivers and technicians in the field, fleets of vehicles, trailers, and other mobile assets. GPS Insight provides many fleet solutions that include vehicle and asset tracking, in-cab smart cameras, field service management, and compliance solutions.

About Amerisure Insurance

Amerisure is an insurance organization charged with creating exceptional value for its Partners For Success® agencies and policyholders. As an A-rated (Excellent) property and casualty insurance company licensed in 50 states, Amerisure provides a comprehensive line of insurance products to protect businesses focused in construction, manufacturing, and healthcare through strategically located Core Service Centers. For more information, visit

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