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Author: Rob Donat
Founder & CEO

Using In-cab Alerts to Warn Drivers of Upcoming Correction Curves

Dec 21, 2015

We recently had a company that wanted in-cab alerts to notify drivers of potential dangerous curves coming up in the road (specific curves known as correction curves). Correction curves connect two roads that do not line up between state lines and are recognized as a safety concern for larger vehicles because they are often unanticipated. If trucks are moving too fast when approaching correction curves, they will be unable to slow down in time and can experience rollover accidents.

To help solve this problem, we used a combination of our webhook-based landmark alerts and an in-cab notification buzzer. The landmarks are created in the area just ahead of the correction curve like this:


Landmark Showing Correction Curve Area

Example Landmark Showing Correction Curve Area


Once a truck enters the correction curve landmark, the driver is alerted by the in-cab buzzer that makes a sound and flashes to get his/her attention. The driver then knows a correction curve is ahead and can take the proper precautions.

Here is a video showing this scenario with audio of a driver entering an actual correction curve landmark:



GPS tracking technology has the ability to prevent potentially hazardous driving conditions and further increase your efforts for fleet safety. This type of alert and in-cab notification can be applied to any fleet that is interested in this type of alerting.

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