Recently a customer who uses our advanced Categories and Attributes capabilities asked us to enhance the permissions.

They wanted certain users to be able to see the various data associated with vehicles, landmarks, users, drivers, and Hierarchy nodes, but not to be able to edit that data.



We added a second permission, so now users can be allowed to see as well as edit the various attributes assigned to various entities within GPS Insight (typically vehicles):

Now only those attributes set for other users see and/or edit them will be shown:

This is the interface with all attributes/categories shown for all to see and edit:

This is the same screen once only certain attributes are allowed, and you can notice that some are informational only, and some can still be edited:

Since typically our larger customers utilized this information, we do not turn this capability on by default — if you feel your company could utilize it, please contact your salesperson or support to determine if it will fit your requirements, and we will turn it on for you.