I haven’t had much time to blog about GPS Insight or GPS tracking lately, but I’m working late tonight & took a quick look at a good number of our customers in real time. They are mostly red (stopped for more than an hour). Not surprising, as it’s 2:30 AM East Coast time and 11:30 West Coast time. Here’s a picture with some current weather:

Night Clouds (small)

Not too many vehicles are moving, & those which are tend to be the street sweepers, tow trucks, security/police, and long haul vehicles. Mostly street sweepers.

Here is a view of Phoenix:

Night Street Sweepers

Picking a local street sweeping company and displaying a 30 minute trail behind all their vehicles, we see they’re pretty busy this time of night — only two vehicles have been stopped for more than an hour:

Sweepers at night:

I think I would fall asleep doing that job. Good night!