There is a new option available in the Closest To Dashlet that will display your drivers weekly hours in the results of the closest to search.

New Closest To option - Weekly accumulated time (excluding today)

This is a great feature if you want to further optimize which drivers you select when looking for the closest to a job site or what ever is applicable. By identifying the driver’s hours, you can decide which is the more appropriate driver to dispatch so that the driver doesn’t get overtime when there could be another available driver just down the road who has more working hours available for the week. The weekly hours displayed are Monday through the previous day (yesterday).

This smart feature is not available by default but can be turned on by your Admin or by contacting us. There is no extra charge for this feature.

Along with many other enhancements to GPS Insight over the years, this new feature was created based on the specific need of one of our customers, and they estimate it will save them hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in overtime otherwise given to drivers.  We are always happy to develop new requests like this that are beneficial for our customers.