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Author: Rob Donat
Founder & CEO

New User Hierarchy Offers Powerful Functionality with Minimal Configuration

Oct 7, 2015

We are excited to announce the release of User Hierarchy functionality to our Enterprise solution. Account administrators can now grant permissions to other Users.

When managing a handful of users, this level of administrative granularity can be empowering. Larger enterprise-level accounts, however, typically have several complex layers in their organizational structure to consider (e.g., regions, divisions, departments). In those cases, account administrators often ease their managerial burden by choosing other users on the account to receive limited administrative access to a subset of vehicles, drivers, and users—and it’s this kind of scenario where the recent rollout of the User Hierarchy feature really shines.

Prior to this new feature, if for example, Admin Arthur granted Regional Manager (Ralph) access to the User Admin tool, Ralph could see/edit all users in the account—regardless of hierarchy permissions. Now with User Hierarchy in place, Admin Arthur can dole out User Admin access to his regional managers that maintain his company’s organizational structure.

Here’s a quick walkthrough showing you examples of how this works and why it is beneficial:

1. Arthur creates a hierarchy tree for Company > Region > Division > Department.

2. Arthur adds all of his users to corresponding nodes within the tree (manual or spreadsheet import).

3. Arthur gives Ralph access to the Region 1 node (and below).

4. Arthur gives Ralph the User Admin permission.

The next time Ralph logs into his account, he sees data from the Region 1 node and below—as well as data from any groups to which he had previously been given access—on any relevant maps, dashlets, and reports. (This is expected, current functionality.) This time, however, when he opens the User Admin page, he sees only users from Region 1 and below.1

Additionally, if Ralph continues to earn Arthur’s trust, Arthur can give Ralph access to the Hierarchy Admin tool, which allows Ralph to view and manage the structure of the tree itself, starting with Region 1 node and below—and any other hierarchy trees/nodes Arthur allows Ralph to see (in step 3).

This extra permission might be especially useful if Ralph’s region continues to grow and he needs to add more stores (and users) to the hierarchy structure without bugging Arthur.

Ralph can perpetuate the access permissions down the line when he decides to let his Division Managers (Potsie, Richie, and Chachi) manage their own users, too. And so on, and so on…

In terms of cool factor, administration tools don’t always get the spotlight in comparison with other features in the GPS Insight product. However, effective administration tools like the User Hierarchy save you and your employees countless headaches on the back-end and are the keys to big results on the front-end.

1 The Driver Admin and Vehicle Admin tools also abide by hierarchy permissions, but that component of the functionality isn’t new.

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