DigitalGlobe just launched a new satellite the other day which will really help us answer the frequently asked question “how often are the maps updated…?”

The WorldView-1 satellite was launched on Tuesday, September 18, 2007, from one of our customers, Vandenberg Air Force Base, in California. We have helped track VIP’s at their air force base in the past.

The new satellite launch is detailed Here.

Digital Globe Satellite

This will make the difference between the top of this picture and the bottom:

high res/low res picture

Currently we overlay purchased aerial photos (as we did for this Reading, PA company) using the GPS Insight “overlay” management functionality. But this satellite will hopefully reduce our need for 3rd party aerial images. It is very quick to do this within GPS Insight:

After saving the overlay to disk:

Reading overlay

Simply upload it to GPS Insight (or alternatively you can email it to us for automated inclusion in your account):

GPS Insight Overlays

Then download it to any computer using our 3-D mapping in Google Earth.

Now instead of waiting for better Google Earth imagery from this satellite, your vehicles’ locations will be more clear than this:

Old satellite imagery

Instead they will look like this:

New Satellite Imagery

Quite a difference, obviously. This photo, a 10 square mile one, cost only $30 from an aerial photo company, and helps this customer find its heavy equipment which is all over their large yard.

In reality, many major metro areas already have phenomenal aerial/satellite imagery, but this satellite will be a great help for those areas which currently don’t, or for which the imagery is out of date.

Some of our customers will be happy with the new imagery, but in the meantime we help with these overlays where necessary, & wait for the WorldView-1 to start sending down photos of your town.

Thanks DigitalGlobe & Boeing!


Well, about 2 weeks ago I was showing a customer how we can pull in aerial photos and I used this as an example. I looked at Google’s new imagery for this area and it was BETTER than my “improved” aerial photo. This is a good practical example of how Google is constantly improving their imagery. Here are some screenshots of the NEW baseball field:

[if you’re interested, it’s located at lat=40.3654245916, lon=-75.9337693414]

New Google Imagery for Reading PA

Another close-up of Reading’s AAA ballpark

Thanks again Google & Boeing!