We recently had a need to research how many GPS tracking devices we were renting within a specific county. We received a property tax audit and decided to use our own product to help look further into the situation. We needed to see how many vehicle and asset tracking devices were currently located in the specific county and then also display each vehicle’s VIN, ESN, and the customer account the vehicle was connected to.

First, we simply searched Google for the specific county and found a KML file to load into GPS Insight. The KML file provided the exact Geofence or boundary around the county:

Example of Downloading a KML file for Orange County, CA

We then were able to load the Polygon Geofence and within a couple hours, our developers helped us single out every vehicle and display them on an internal map with a total count of vehicles currently in that county:

Example Map Displaying Orange County, CA and All Vehicles Within its Boundaries

This allowed us to identify the exact number of devices in service in the county and apply that data to the tax assessment.

It’s great when we are able to use our own product to solve a problem like this. GPS Insight goes far beyond dots on a map and can be used in more ways to solve more problems than you might realize. I hope this use case provides a tangible example of the capabilities of our product and other ways you can use it to solve your business challenges.