We just hit our 3 billionth alert check yesterday.  Alerts have become a preferred way of using GPS Insight for many customers.  All you do is set your alert up, and we will let you know when someone triggers it.

Of all those checks, only 3,573,734 yielded an actual email/SMS message to the supervisor or driver, or about .118%.  You set it, and we check it — and about once every 847 times we check for you (on average), we’ll let you know that something isn’t right.

GPS Insight alert types

GPS Insight alert types

We have very configurable alerts – you can combine most in order to be really specific:

  • Alert drivers when their vehicles idle > 7 (or whatever you specify) but ONLY when the vehicle is not at a maintenance yard, and only during business hours
  • Alert security whenever a take home vehicle is started, but ONLY if it leaves the driver’s home
  • Set a speeding alert which is different for daytime hours than nighttime hours
  • A nighttime warehouse landmark alert — for when your vehicles should not be “getting supplied”

And we are almost ready to release our posted speed limit alert.  It’s been ready for a while and available in beta, but due to the occasional inaccurate piece of posted speed/road data, we don’t want to send out false alerts and are working on a system to ensure each alert is “triple-checked” before it goes out.  That will be available soon, along with the ability to “override” certain speed limits where you know better than the data we have.

We are also working on route-based alerts to let you know when a vehicle is “behind schedule” — more to come soon!