Introducing Your New Co-pilot

Driveri Smart Cameras are on Your Side
Here's How:
  • Captures your safe driving events (DriverStars) and shares them with management
  • Documents all of your safe driving minutes (Green Minutes) to focus on your positive, safe driving
  • Defends you from false claims and accusations from other drivers
  • Identifies unsafe driving behavior that could lead to accidents
  • Provides multiple coaching approaches to help increase your driving score

Flip through these 5 slides to see how to make this technology work for you.

Driveri Smart Camera
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➊ See Everything with the App

Driveri calculates all of your incident-free minutes on the road. The AI automatically analyzes what's happening, presenting a more-accurate summary of your driving than other cameras that just notice hard stops, quick starts, and other harsh driving.

That means incident-free driving is a major component of the score Driveri gives you.

Imagine that – evaluating based on what you get right!

Driveri App Dashboard Infographic
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➋ Avoid Crashes with In-Cab Alerts

Going a little too fast, tailgating, or driving distracted?

Driveri will give you a friendly audible reminder. Correct yourself in time, and it won't register a violation. That means no deduction from your score or notification to a supervisor.

Driveri Audible Alert

Hear Speeding Alert

➌ Become a Safer Driver

See your driver score, including where you rank among other drivers.

Review 1-4 videos per week that reflect trends in your driving. You can contest or comment on videos that need your experienced perspective.

Review and Feedback
➍ Improve Your Score

The recommendations from your virtual coaching can help you take control of your driver score.

Make note of the driving habits that cost you points, avoid repeating them, and then watch your score improve!

Scoring and Sessions
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➎ Capture Your Concerns

What if you show up at a job site on-time to find a locked gate? What if you see a strange situation in traffic?

With the push of a button, you can initiate an alert and share the situation with your team at the office. It's a great way to proactively look out for yourself.

Driveri Button
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Learn More About Driveri

95% of vehicle accidents are preventable. Imagine the fallout of being in a severe crash while in your company vehicle. You could be injured – or face the aftermath of severely injuring someone else. Your employer is adding this technology to vehicles because it has been proven to help you stay focused and lower incidents that are under your control.

Driveri isn’t a dash cam – it’s a complete driver safety system. Really, your managers should rarely have to watch video. That’s because Driveri automatically analyzes and scores every moment on the road – and yes, it gets everything you do well, too. 


Keep in mind:
Video isn’t the point of Driveri. Managers won’t spend a lot of time looking at the video.

How Alerts Work

Event Alerts

Driveri sends event alerts to identify when positive and negative driving events take place.
Driveri Positive and Negative Event Alerts

Audio Alerts

What’s that noise coming from Driveri? Here’s a breakdown of what all the different sounds mean, and how they provide real-time self-coaching to help you get the best score!
Unsafe Following Distance
Audio alert if the following distance to the vehicle in front of you is less than 0.6 seconds before a potential impact.

Driver Distraction
Audio alert if the driver is distracted by their phone.

No Stop Detected
Audio alert if the driver did not stop at a stop sign.

Rolling Stop Detected
Audio alert if the driver did not fully stop at a stop sign.

Speeding Violation
Audio alert if the speed is above a fleet specified speed or posted speed limit.

No Seat Belt
Audio alert plays when driver is not wearing a seat belt at the start of a driving trip (the first minute that the vehicle speed exceeds 15 mph).

How Scoring Works

Pro Tip:
Driveri won’t trigger an alert if you use your phone while the vehicle is stopped. It’s that smart!

How Scoring Works

Most cameras only collect information like sudden acceleration, harsh stops, and other signs of harsh driving. That’s how they score you.

Driveri also notices when you come to a full stop at a stop sign. It notices when you move over for a vehicle stopped on the shoulder (just one example). We call these DriverStars. DriverStars are automatically flagged by the system and they improve your score.

It also notices where you could improve, like if you use your mobile phone while driving or tailgate another vehicle. By reducing these mild behaviors, you also increase your score. Driveri keeps track of every minute where you are driving well without capturing any video. These are called Green Minutes.

What is the Greenzone?

The Greenzone is the score that makes all of these activities easy to understand and improve. Driveri calculates all your driving behaviors and creates a driver score ranging from 600-1,000. Your company has set a goal score for the fleet. Using the app, you see what managers see concerning your score and performance.

You can also see how your score performs vs the rest of the drivers.

Driveri Scoring
Recommendations for improving score are provided to you weekly, and if you see a captured event that you disagree with, you can provide feedback right in the app.

What if I Disagree with What the Camera Says Happened?

With the Driveri app and in-cab alerts on your side, you can empower yourself to meet your organization’s GreenZone goal.

Driveri only sends alerts based on your driving or the manual trigger. Yes, that means management won’t randomly look in on you – and they really don’t have time for that, anyway.

If you think Driveri misread a situation, you can comment via the app to explain what it got wrong – and get your score adjusted to reflect your feedback.

Driveri App Feedback

Get Home Safe

Get Home Safe

Your safety matters – for you and your family, your community, and your organization.

The good habits you reinforce with Driveri will also carry over after hours so that you continue protecting the safety of those who matter to you.