INSIGHT18 included a wide array of topics from how to improve your customers’ experience, to cybersecurity, and how making toast fits together with telematics.

We spoke with industry experts from CalAmp, Field Technologies, and HERE Technologies to learn more about smart cities and how organizations are using technology to go from a customer service approach to a customer experience approach.

Our very first GPS Insight commercials promoting GPS Insight account managers, support, and Help Center were debuted. The day ended with a presentation of this year’s IMPACT Award winner, True MHS.


GPS Insight pays homage to the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials to promote their award-winning Support and Customer Account Management teams, as well as their Help Center.

INSIGHT18 - Lincoln Commercial - Help Center

INSIGHT18 - Lincoln Commercial - Account Management

INSIGHT18 - Lincoln Commercial - Support


INSIGHT18 01 - Steve Koch

INSIGHT18 02 - Will Kaplan

INSIGHT18 04 - Danielle Russell

Your Brand is Your Customer’s Experience

Steve Koch from Cast & Hue reveals how today’s organizational leaders can ensure they are true brand stewards by taking control of their brand’s customer experience.  Download Key Takeaways PDF

Elevate the Customer Experience

Will Kaplan from GPS Insight discusses why customer service is no longer a differentiator and shares a new approach that is crucial to the future of your organization. Download Key Takeaways PDF

Toast and Telematics

Danielle Russell from GPS Insight uses an interesting analogy to explain how GPS Insight handles differing customer perspectives to deliver the most value to your organization.

INSIGHT18 05 - Rob Haynes

INSIGHT18 07 - Gary Fitzgerald

Utilizing Human-Centered Design

Rob Haynes from GPS Insight demonstrates examples of human-centered design and explains how GPS Insight embraces this methodology to make the product easier to use.

Cyber Security: From Fear to Trust

Gary Fitzgerald from GPS Insight covers why cyber security is a very complicated subject and why in today’s connected world it’s more important than ever.  Download Key Takeaways PDF

Expert Interviews

INSIGHT18 03 - Ryan Driscoll & John Elsner

INSIGHT18 06 - Will Kaplan & Monali Shah

INSIGHT18 08 - Ryan Driscoll & Sarah Nicastro

Understanding GPS Devices: Data & Reliability

John Elsner from CalAmp speaks about GPS devices being integral to tracking vehicles and assets and why it's imperative to understand how they work and what’s to come from a GPS hardware perspective.

Smart Cities and Telematics

Monali Shah from HERE Technologies discusses how data is being leveraged in powerful new ways with a more connected world. One of the new and most interesting ways this is occurring is with Smart Cities.

Customer Experience For Field Service

Sarah Nicastro from Field Technologies Magazine shares the evolution of customer service to customer experience and how field service organizations are using technology to make this fundamental shift.
Download Key Takeaways PDF


2018 IMPACT Award Winner - True MHS

2018 IMPACT Award Winner

True MHS, from San Antonio, Texas is this year's IMPACT Award winner. Hear their unique story and learn how they are using GPS Insight to make a positive impact.

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