Utility Fleet Management Solutions.

Created specifically for utility business issues—proudly serving electric, water, gas, and other public utility fleets and organizations.


Helping Utility Fleets Succeed


When there’s an outage, you need to respond as quickly as possible. You need a way to have visibility over your entire operation, so you can dispatch the right people, quickly and efficiently. You need a solution that integrates software, hardware, and analytics.


GPS Insight is the tool that solves your operational problems. By combining GPS tracking and field service management software capabilities, you can increase efficiency and reduce costs across every aspect of your business.

Respond to Outages

Find and assign the closest workers.

Your services are essential, and your community deserves fast attention when an issue arises. When you have visibility of where everyone and everything is located, you can quickly dispatch the right people to solve problems.

Get the Big Picture

Manage your data, people, and equipment.

Integrate your software to streamline your information. As a result, you can deploy resources faster and more efficiently.

Improve Safety

Detect both risky and safe driving habits.

Prevent accidents and get your drivers home safely each night. Our scoring system shows drivers their behaviors on the road (both positive and negative!) and makes our smart dash cam, Driveri, a powerful coaching tool.

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Utility Fleet Management Solutions

GPS Tracking

Driveri Fleet Safety Dash Cam
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“We’re very thankful we have the data. It promotes the use of telematics, because it helps when I sit in front of executives and start talking about the cost and some of the values of having telematics in our fleet – being able to recover vehicles would be one of the pros.”

Don Ashmore

Fleet Manager, Tacoma Public Utilities

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Powerful Technology that
Keeps Dollars in Your Pocket

There are many operational costs that go into running a Utility business. GPS Insight helps you analyze these expenses in the most comprehensive way to ensure your not paying a dollar more than you should on unnecessary costs.

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