Construction fleet tracking will change the way you manage your vehicles and equipment.

Your Challenge

Your business depends on the reliability and efficiency of your drivers, crews, and equipment. You suspect there are inefficiencies and unusually high operating costs. You are looking for a tool that will answer the unknowns about your mobile operations.

The Solution

GPS Insight takes the manual processes and guesswork out of fleet management. GPS tracking for equipment and vehicles provides you the visibility to run your construction fleet as efficiently as possible while reducing costs, reducing risk, and increasing revenue.

Read reviews of construction fleet tracking software providers on Capterra to make a smart choice when selecting a partner.

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“GPS Insight offers a great experience, is easy to use, and saves us time and money every day!”

Matt Medlock, Owner // Backyard Retreats Patios & Ponds

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Why Construction Businesses Choose Us

Why are construction businesses really using GPS Insight? We caught up with a couple of our customers at the World of Concrete Tradeshow so they could tell you why and how they are using our solution firsthand.

Hear Josh Bowman discuss why Bowman Construction chose to implement our GPS solution for construction fleet tracking. Learn how they use GPS Insight to ensure all the vehicles are accounted for and tell their customers exactly when they will arrive at their jobsite.

Hear Daniel Mounts discuss why Concrete Technology Service uses GPS Insight to track their employee payroll, equipment, to verify workers’ comp claims, and more.

Construction Fleet Tracking Tailored to Solve Your Business Challenges

GPS Insight understands your business is unique. That’s why we offer you the tools to take success into your own hands with tailored construction fleet tracking for your vehicles and equipment. Gain the ability to solve your most problematic challenges with GPS Insight.

Recover Stolen vehicles Faster

Recover Stolen Assets Faster

Know if vehicles/equipment are moving when or where they shouldn’t. Use real-time location data to notify authorities right away.

track truck maintenance

Extend Vehicle & Equipment Lifecycles

Don’t let important services slip through the cracks. Construction GPS tracking makes maintenance scheduling simple and accurate.

billing accuracy

Improve Billing Accuracy

Determine time-on-site/number of visits to accurately invoice customers the first time.


Dispatch More Efficiently

View real-time locations to provide accurate ETAs and determine the best assets to deploy to the jobsite.

GPS Insight Pro

Powerful Technology that Keeps Dollars in Your Pocket

There are many overhead costs that go into running your business. GPS Insight helps you analyze these expenses in the most comprehensive way to ensure your construction business is not paying a dollar more than you should on unnecessary costs.

Verify costs like fuel card expenses and billable hours at the click of a button.

Reduce fuel costs by limiting speeding, idling, unauthorized usage, and optimizing routes.

What Your Peers Are Saying


Whitton Companies

Before implementing GPS Insight, the Whitton Companies accounting team had difficulty verifying payroll hours for employees who did not use electronic timecards. Find out how they saved $100,000 per year by fixing payroll discrepancies with GPS tracking data.

West Coast

West Coast Sand & Gravel

Prior to using GPS Insight, West Coast Sand & Gravel was not tracking true idle time when their trucks were making deliveries or completing pickups in the field. Learn how they reduced fuel usage by 5,205 gallons per quarter by eliminating excessive idling.

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