How Does GPS Insight Compare?

Learn how our fleet technology and experiences stack up – straight from our customers.

As you are deciding which fleet software is best for your organization, you likely have a list of criteria to ensure you select the right provider – or let’s be honest – avoid getting burned again if you are switching platforms.

To help you decide if GPS Insight is the right fit, we’ve put together a report comprised of our customers’ feedback from G2 Business Reviews.

In this report, you will find ratings and testimonials from our real customers about their experience, how easy our solutions are to implement and use, the functionality they rely on the most, and how they rate our safety functionality.

Customer Experience – It’s Simply the Best.

One of the top reasons our customers choose to partner with us and more importantly continue the partnership is our customer experience.

Our passion for customer success defines our purpose as an organization. Our mission is to make fleet management easier for your business, provide ongoing support, and build a partnership to help connect your fleet data with strategic initiatives. We focus on understanding the unique needs and challenges of your organization and present solutions that will drive measurable results.


Sharon ReviewG2 Crowd 5-star Review
I love the people at GPS Insight

“If I have a question or problem someone gets to it right away. They take the time to understand what the problem is and then explain to me what is going on. They are always so patient with my questions and explain things so that I can understand what my driver need to do.”

-Sharon R.

Customer Experience Ratings

  • Ease of Doing Business 92% 92%
  • Quality of Support 90% 90%
  • Onboarding 89% 89%

Get Up and Running Fast.

When using new software, it’s essential that you and your employees can learn to use it fast with the least amount of interruption to your productivity. We understand you need to get back to business, and that’s why we ensure all users are trained by dedicated onboarding specialists. We will help ensure they are experts using GPS Insight in no time and are able to begin seeing the value they signed-up for immediately.


Marlin ReviewG2 Crowd 5-star Review
Above Industry Standards for Interface and Reliability

“I went through a handful and GPS providers and researched dozens. I can safely say GPS Insight wins. The interface is great. Everything is super simple to find. Recent route trails are viewed in seconds. Customer support is top knotch as well! I’ll be using them for many years to come.” 

-Marlin C.

Onboarding Ratings

  • Ease of Setup 86% 86%
  • Easy to Use 87% 87%
  • Ease of Admin 89% 89%

Products that Drive Actionable Insights.

Building innovative solutions drives our creative problem solving and adaptability as a team, which we believe produces better products, experiences, and most importantly results for our customers.  Our customers leverage actionable insights from our products to reinvent the way they engage their fleets. We are always evolving to be at the forefront of fleet technology, going beyond GPS tracking and fleet management. 91% of customers agree that GPS Insight products are headed in the right direction.


Male ReviewerG2 Crowd 5-star Review
GPS Insight Makes Operations a Breeze

“We always know where our assets are using this software. GPS Insight very rarely has any service interruptions. Their support team is phenomenal! They will work with you until you are 100% satisfied! Once you have 100% implementation, GPS Insight pays for itself.”

-Logan G.

Product Direction Ratings

  • Driver Tracking 95% 95%
  • Maintenance 85% 85%
  • Fuel Management 83% 83%

Your Next Phase of Fleet Safety.

It’s clear that distracted driving is an issue that is costing the ultimate price, people’s lives. That’s why fleet safety is such an important initiative for so many organizations. According to the CDC, motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death in the U.S., with over 100 people dying every day. Our customers are leveraging driver behavior analytics, in-cab cameras, and driver scorecards for coaching to increase the safety of their fleets.


Marlin ReviewG2 Crowd 5-star Review
4th and Final GPS Monitoring Company

“We’ve used SageQuest, Fleetmatics and Verizon. After being around the block, I can tell you that the App is the best of the bunch, the maps are intuitive and the streetview features are great. No more seeing the address and then going to google maps to see what is there. The alerts are easy to configure and the texting to the drivers (messages like “SLOW DOWN!”) is helpful in curbing bad driving behavior. It’s plug and play unlike my experiences at Fleetmatics & Sagequest and the devices don’t kill batteries like those from Verizon. Tracking maintenance is useful for oil changes, brakes and other service.”

-Jason W.


Fleet Safety Ratings

  • Safety 93% 93%
  • Driver Behavior 92% 92%
  • Vehicle Performance 85% 85%

GPS Insight vs. Geotab vs. Verizon Connect Comparison Report.

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