GPS Vehicle Tracking System

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Using GPS Insight, you can track any type of commercial or government vehicles. Our GPS vehicle tracking system continually leads the way in solving the most unique fleet challenges.

Why We Are a Leader in GPS Vehicle Tracking
We understand that every business faces different challenges and obstacles, so when it comes to GPS vehicle tracking solutions, one size does not fit all. By providing flexible vehicle tracking solutions that are tailored to your unique business, we give you the information you need to reduce costs, reduce risk, and increase revenue.
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Solve Business Challenges with GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Insight’s industry-best vehicle tracking system is designed for fast implementation and actionable data.

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save money with gps vehicle tracking

Save Big Money

Reduce these fleet operating costs:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Driver overtime
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle lifecycles
  • Insurance
reduce risk with vehicle tracking

Improve Safety

Dramatically reduce risk by:

  • Coaching unsafe driving habits
  • Eliminating unauthorized usage
  • Ensuring on-the-job safety
  • Maintaining FMCSA compliance
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Enhance Dispatching

Dispatch more efficiently with:

  • Real-time location and status
  • “Closest to” map filtering
  • Sending routes straight to drivers
  • Messaging direct to your drivers
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Make Customers Happy

Upgrade your customer service with:

  • Faster dispatch to emergencies
  • Providing accurate ETAs
  • Servicing more customers per day
  • Proving job completion
  • Billing more accurately

How GPS Vehicle Tracking Implementation Works

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Install our GPS Vehicle Tracking System
Once you decide to go with GPS Insight, the first step is to install the vehicle tracking devices.

Log Into Software
The vehicle tracking system can be accessed through any computer or tablet. Our mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Start Tracking Your Vehicles
You will have access to current and historical automatic vehicle location data that is gathered for you. This data gives you a clear picture of what is happening with your fleet so that you can take action.

Learn Best Practices
Dedicated account managers and technical support are available to answer your questions and train your team to make sure you get the most out of the solution.

Maximize Savings
GPS Insight is much more than just dots on a map. The GPS vehicle tracking solutions include a wide range of customizable reports, alerts, and other innovative features that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and ensure maximum ROI.

GPS Insight vs. Other GPS Fleet Tracking Companies

No one focuses more on the customer experience and the flexibility of their fleet tracking software than GPS Insight.

Continuous Advancement

We are continually advancing our GPS vehicle tracking system to stay at the leading edge of technology.

Consultative Approach

Our consultative approach is a concierge buying process unlike any other fleet tracking company.

Customizable Features

You can customize the information to be exactly what you need and the way you want to see it.

First Class Service

We offer you 24/7/365 customer service to ensure you always get the help you need.

Unlimited History

You can access your vehicle’s historical location data forever.

Unmatched Scalability

We keep the quality of our product consistent, regardless of your business size.

Installation Process

You will be up and running quickly with our fine-tuned installation process.

Customer Satisfaction

We focus on building lasting partnerships with impactful results.

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