Is it possible to work less and get more work done? With GPS fleet tracking software it is. The fact is you have probably been working harder than necessary and spending more due to time consuming fleet management practices if you don’t have GPS tracking technology in place for your business. Utilizing a GPS tracking solution will help your fleet be more productive in less time by automating the manual processes traditionally associated with fleet management.

Scheduled Maintenance Reminders

Don’t waste time manually logging odometer readings to figure out which vehicles in your fleet are due for maintenance. A GPS fleet tracking solution tracks odometer readings for your entire fleet in real-time.

It can be incredibly time consuming to stay on top of which vehicles are due for services without a GPS tracking solution. Not only is performing this process manually an inefficient use of time, preventative services like oil changes or tire rotations may get overlooked, causing your vehicles to be in the shop more often. You may even need to purchase replacement vehicles much sooner than needed.

GPS tracking solutions can solve these problems and save time by sending automated maintenance reminders for any type of service to management or the service department. You will never have to worry about vehicles being overdue for maintenance and will free up time that your team can spend more productively.

Respond Fast in a Customer Emergency

When it comes to a customer emergency, you want to make sure that your fleet has the ability to respond as quickly as possible. If you need to find your closest and best vehicle to dispatch, you don’t want to waste time calling each driver to figure out their location. With access to real-time locations, you will already know where every vehicle is at all times. Filter to find the best vehicle to dispatch, and send the driver directions to the location via email, SMS message, or to a Garmin Navigation System to respond fast in a customer emergency.

Simplify Invoicing

Does your business still spend countless hours record keeping to stay on top of invoices? GPS tracking solutions can simplify this process by keeping track for you. Easily pull reports to access dates and times that a vehicle was at a customer location to be sure you are billing for accurate hours worked. Simplify the invoicing process, be able to provide proof in the case of a customer dispute, and save valuable time as well.

Why work harder to ultimately get less done? Utilize GPS fleet tracking technology to save time, resources, and increase your fleet’s efficiency overall. These are just a few ways that GPs tracking can help your fleet be more productive by eliminating inefficient manual processes.

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