We will be exhibiting at the International Construction & Utility Equipment Expo (ICUEE), next week and we thought it would be appropriate to share why utilities and electric cooperatives implement vehicle tracking and the value they find from the technology. Due to vehicle tracking, fleet management is now executed in a way that was never before possible.

Utilities and electric co-ops can track resources and service teams, giving you, the fleet manager, the ability to deploy resources efficiently and effectively, keeping safety at the forefront of operations.

Improving Crew Safety

Vehicle tracking improves crew safety by knowing where employees are in the case of a crash and when powering up poles. In either case, you can quickly send help in an emergency situation.

Reducing Fuel Spend

Significantly reduce your annual mileage with real-time location information and efficient dispatching. By monitoring unauthorized usage of vehicles, such as driving out of the way for a favorite cup of coffee, drivers taking the long way back every night, and making sure to send the best option to a job site, you can save thousands of miles on your fleet. One electric co-op customer saved 36,000 miles in 1 year from the vehicle tracking system.

Cut fuel costs by routing more efficiently, monitoring driver behavior to improve MPG and reduce idling, halting unauthorized usage, and monitoring fuel card fraud. One electric co-op saved $12,000 in 1 year from utilizing our vehicle tracking system to monitor fuel usage.

Resolving Customer Disputes

Quickly resolve customer disputes that may arise with quick, on-demand historical reporting. This makes it possible to determine whether or not your company or employee is actually at fault.

Job Security

Provide your employees with job security. The cost savings utilities and electric co-ops find from vehicle tracking systems will result in a larger bottom line. Everyone benefits from a larger bottom line, and job security is non-existent without it. You can save jobs with the help of a vehicle tracking system.

Billing Accuracy

Improve timesheet accuracy and reduce labor hours by at least a half hour per day, per truck. This savings totals more than the cost of a vehicle tracking system.

One customer found that when an employee was needed to perform a small task on the way back to the office and he was part of a crew with multiple trucks, the whole fleet would follow to avoid going back to the office. This was easily stopped, which saved the customer thousands of dollars in padded hours.

Vehicle Tracking Software Integration

Easily integrate GPS vehicle tracking data to work with other systems. Integration will work with NISC, Partner Software, ESRI, or any other software systems that you need vehicle tracking data to integrate with.

For more information on how vehicle tracking benefits utilities and electric co-ops, contact us.