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gps tracking monitor personal use of company vehicles

If your drivers take home your vehicles, are you able to monitor personal use of company vehicles once they are off the clock? If you are not using GPS vehicle tracking software to monitor your vehicles after your drivers “punch out” for the day, how would you know whether or not they are being used to run personal errands or perhaps even used for side jobs, putting money in someone else’s pocket?

Monitor Personal Use of Company Vehicles

Using company vehicles for personal use increases operational costs, fuel consumption, and other expenses for your fleet. Yes, you have a great group of drivers, but if you are not monitoring personal use of company vehicles during non-working hours, it could be costing your business serious money.

monitor drivers with fleet tracking software

Vehicle tracking software can send automated emails or text messages to fleet management for metrics they want to take proactive action on. To make sure that drivers are not using company vehicles to run personal errands or to toe their boat to the lake on the weekends, set odd-hours alerts. You can customize the alert to non-working hours or days to be alerted if company vehicles are being used when they shouldn’t be.

Fuel Card Integration

If your company vehicles are being utilized for personal use, it could also mean that drivers are filling up the gas tank with the company fuel card too. GPS vehicle tracking software can integrate with your fuel card provider to help identify fuel card fraud.

gps fuel card reporting 2012

Fuel Card Reports can be generated to analyze transactions and fuel card usage to prevent drivers from filling up their tank on the company dime during non-working hours.

Eliminate Side Jobs

Don’t let your company’s vehicles be used to put money in someone else’s pocket. Not only might you be assisting your competitor, you may be spending money on operational costs like maintenance, equipment replacements, and more much sooner than needed. Monitoring personal use of company vehicles is not “big brother,” and it doesn’t mean that you don’t trust your drivers. It is a way to protect your assets and business from potential theft and unnecessary costs. GPS vehicle tracking will help you to make sure your company vehicles are only used the way you want them to be, when you want them to be.