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vehicle tracking reports

Using an advanced vehicle telematics system offers a lot of benefits to you.

The main benefit is the actionable data provided by vehicle tracking reports.

But how do you know where to start? Depending on the provider you choose, there could be upwards of 40 different vehicle tracking reports to choose from. That amount of data can be cumbersome if you don’t know how to utilize it.

The best way to figure out the right data to look at is to see how current users are taking advantage of it.

Check out the top five vehicle tracking reports in descending order that are being utilized by GPS Insight customers and what they are used for.

Idle Time Summary

5. Idle Time Summary Report

This is the perfect bird’s eye view of idling data. The key components of this report are total idle time for the period you ran the report for, the percentage of idle time against drive time, the number of idle stops, and the longest idle stop. It’s a great vehicle tracking report to utilize when you are trying to bring down idling across the fleet, and find out which vehicles are the worst offenders.

Stop Detail

4. Activity Detail Report

If you’re looking for a vehicle tracking report that gives the most data, you have it with the Activity Detail Report. It gives a detailed account of what happened throughout the day for each vehicle. It reports speed, driver, location, ignition, odometer, run time, and distance information for every reporting interval for the device. If it’s set at the default two-minute interval, then that’s how frequently you receive this information. This report is useful if you ever need to investigate or dig a little deeper in a multitude of scenarios because it drills down so much.

Stop Detail

3. Stop Detail and Idle Time

This vehicle tracking report is great to utilize if you want to track how long the vehicles are stopped at locations throughout the day. The data is revealed in chronological order. The added bonus is that you can include idle stops to see how much and how long the vehicles idled while they were at each location.

Driver Time Reporting

2. Begin/End of Day Report

The Begin/End of Day Report is used mostly for the goal of keeping labor costs down by verifying jobs and time cards. It provides data such as start and end time/location, day duration, the number of trips, and drive time. It will also give you the ability to go into Google Earth if you would like to see the day’s routes.

Speed Reports

1. Posted Speed Reports

This has consistently been the number one vehicle tracking report run by GPS Insight users.

With Posted Speeding, the violations are based on the posted speed of the road the vehicle is on. The threshold is how fast the vehicles are going over the posted speed limit. For instance, if you want to know when the vehicles are going 10 mph+ over the posted speed, then you set the threshold at 10.

The advantage of the Posted Speed Report is that if a driver is traveling 55 mph in a 40-mph speed zone, then you get notified on that on that violation. In the report, you will see this in the “Over Threshold” column. You will also have the capability of being alerted in real-time with an alert sent to your cell phone.

Find Out How to Take Advantage of the Data

There is a litany of vehicle tracking reports at your fingertips with GPS Insight and a myriad of reasons to run those reports. The point is to use data that will be useful to you. There might be unique business challenges specific to your fleet that may require utilizing different reports than the ones listed.



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