Set Your Team up for Success with GPS Tracking

Not all GPS tracking solutions have user-friendly functionality and certainly don’t provide assistance after the sale, so choosing one that has both is definitely worth the investment. It is not only important to understand the software’s functionality, but also how to best use a solution to solve business challenges like high fuel costs, safety concerns, maintenance expenses, and more.

Training for Success

It is important to provide training to people on your team that will be operating the GPS tracking solution. Most importantly, training should go beyond showing you how to setup a dashboard or alert, it should explain why to do it. This is what will set your team up for success with a GPS tracking solution.

It will be impossible to get the most return on your investment unless your team understands which features to use to obtain your goals. For example, you may be looking to lower fuel costs, but unless you understand which features, scheduled reports, or alerts to setup to obtain this result, it will be hard to be successful with any solution.

Helpful Resources

When you are looking at GPS tracking solutions, look for a platform that provides account management for ongoing training and support teams that provide assistance 24/7/365. Account managers should also be available to show you ways of measuring your success with GPS tracking and present areas to focus on for improvement.

Some advanced GPS tracking solutions provide resources for training right inside the portal. The help feature provides a way for your team to look up information, watch training videos on demand, and find specific training resources for their department. It may be important for some of your team to focus on which features to use for dispatching, maintenance, or other functionality depending on their job responsibilities. Best practices and use cases for alerts, scheduled reports, and other features may also be provided.

Test GPS Tracking Knowledge

Before your team starts using the solution, it is a good idea to make it mandatory for every person to study and pass training courses on your GPS tracking solution. This way you will have the peace of mind that the product will be used to the fullest. If everyone on your team understands how to best use GPS tracking, you will get the most benefit and return on investment.